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Samara Rotstein

I'm passionate about social justice and I am a women's rights activist.

I'm in my final year at York University, studying political science. I'm passionate about social justice and I am a women's rights activist as well as a mental health advocate. I have founded organizations about women's empowerment. I've volunteered and worked at METRAC, in the area of violence against women and family law education. I am also involved with the Liberal Party of Canada, and I think politics is an extremely effective means to raise awareness about social issues. In my spare time I enjoy reading, dancing, writing and biking.
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Are Canadian Universities Doing Enough to Prevent Sexual Assault on Campus?

Recently in the U.S., the Federal government has taken a strong zero tolerance stance on sexual assault. This increased intervention in sexual assault on university campuses made me wonder -- are we doing enough in Canada to prevent similar outcomes? Are we doing enough to prevent sexual assault and ensuring the safety of young women in our country? According to statistics on Canadian campuses published on the York University website, 29 per cent of female undergraduate students in Canada report incidences of sexual assault.
08/29/2014 05:24 EDT