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Samuel Getachew


Samuel Getachew is a resident of Toronto and is a regular contributor to TZTA, Generation Next and Leaders & Legacies (among others). He is the recipient of the City of Toronto's William P. Hubbard Award for Equity and Human Rights and was chosen by the Toronto Star as 'Person to Watch' in 2014.
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Trade Is Moving Ethiopia Forward

Ethiopia, once a place for the world's pity, is now transforming itself to an investment hub. That is a good thing. There are many foreign investors venturing in to the country looking for investment opportunities, complementing the diaspora and the locals that are taking advantage of a better investment environment in the country.
04/20/2017 03:14 EDT
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Let's Not Rush To Judge Anti-Racism Activist Andray Domise

I do not want to rush to the defence of a person whose work I am familiar with and now finds himself facing an assault charge and three counts of mischief. I do not condone violence. However, the real noted Canadian activist and journalist, Andray Domise - my friend - is quite different than the one I see projected in the media.
11/29/2016 04:39 EST

Trump's Crazy Campaign Spared Clinton Scrutiny She Deserves

Americans do have valid reasons to doubt Hillary Clinton and question her motives. Her blind ambition, not the commitment she has to public office, is what turns most away from the Clinton brand. But, then again, she is running against Donald Trump, who is essentially unqualified to be president.
11/02/2016 05:08 EDT
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How An Emerging Media Startup Is Helping Change Ethiopia

The young Ethiopians growing up in today's environment have many options to choose from. In a population that is in the upwards of 90-million, there are now over 12 TV stations that are exclusively geared toward the local population. By far, Kana TV is making the most impact and impression on Ethiopians and the future of Ethiopian television (for good or bad).
06/20/2016 02:35 EDT
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Dewitt Lee Aims To Deliver 'Remarkable Change' To Scarborough-Rouge River

The two-time mayoral candidate, who capitalized on the few opportunities to debate the front runners in the Toronto mayoral races of 2010 and 2014, raised awareness of the city's social responsibility to support its most vulnerable citizens. He is now more than ever determined to galvanize his support which has grown over his two mayoral campaigns in a specific part of the city.
05/18/2016 01:28 EDT
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Rob Ford's Toxic Legacy Lives On In Toronto City Council

He was an incompetent mayor and used racial slurs that I found offensive. That is why I never supported him and my disappointment in him had its limits. However, I voted, donated resources and volunteered for Mayor John Tory, and that is why I find the actions of the current mayor and that of his most loyal allies within council even more hurtful.
03/31/2016 11:18 EDT
Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

Trudeau Is Bringing Back The Canada The World Used To Know

I was in Debre Libanos, Ethiopia, visiting family, when the conversation turned to Canadian politics. My uncle reflected on the Canada he understood and remembered. This included having an international perspective, respect for international institutions such as the United Nations, and a Canadian society that acted like a neighbour when disasters struck.
03/16/2016 11:22 EDT