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Sara Harowitz

Editor, Journalist

Sara Harowitz lives in East Vancouver. She studied journalism at Ryerson University and has written for publications including The Globe And Mail, Toronto Star,, This Magazine, The Grid (RIP), and She has a very large magazine collection and thinks about Mexican food way too often.

What Watching My Parents Grieve Taught Me About A Daughter's Duty

We can go days without talking, but I still know their love is there. Most of the time it's comforting, like a hug or a warm sweater. But sometimes it's heavy, almost suffocating, as if their happiness depends entirely on my actions, my life. I don't blame them because I know this intensity only stems from their greatest fear: losing me or my brothers.
06/19/2014 02:56 EDT

B.C. Battles For Black Friday Cash

Black Friday is almost upon us. And while the unofficial launch of holiday shopping usually has British Columbians flocking south of the border, this year the Lower Mainland is fighting hard to keep s...
11/27/2013 11:39 EST

Superheroes Battle It Out In Vancouver

Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Well, according to Twitter, it was the superhero battle of, um... Thursday night at a Vancouver SkyTrain station. Shortly after 7 p.m., breaking news account ScanBC twee...
09/27/2013 03:11 EDT