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Shailee Koranne

Writer, student, insatiable poutine eater. Constantly fascinated, easily excited, in love with you, and sooo changeable.

Indian-born Canadian Desi. Pursuing equity studies, history, and English at the University of Toronto. Can be found at Shameless Mag, The Varsity, The Aerogram.
How I Stopped Letting Anxiety Control My Maia Grecco

How I Stopped Letting Anxiety Control My Commute

Anxiety disorders show themselves differently in everyone who have them. My fear of public transit is almost totally irrational, I know -- that's actually the most frustrating thing about it. I know it's irrational, but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with the anxiety.
01/27/2016 04:55 EST
My Body Hair Made Me Hate the Skin I'm Ally Matas

My Body Hair Made Me Hate the Skin I'm in

13-years-old: I get up to get some paper from the cubbies in the front of the classroom and a boy follows me. He loudly asks me why Indian girls are so hairy. I stare at him, shocked, wanting to disappear. He presses on, telling me all brown girls are unattractive and he's only ever met one girl hairier than me. He tells me her name, as though I'd know her. I turn around and ignore him until he goes away. The whole class is quiet -- no one sticks up for me. I learn what it's like to hate your skin. Really, really hate it.
08/12/2015 05:20 EDT