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Makeup On The Go: How To Apply Makeup Sans Mirror (PHOTOS)

Doing makeup without a mirror could lead to some garish results (i.e. smudged lipstick, uneven foundation). In a pinch, however, you may very well have to do your face sans mirror. Here's how to pull off getting your face done whenever you find yourself without a mirror handy.
04/10/2012 03:09 EDT

Drugstore Beauty Steals

'Fess up: you've spent more than $100 in one go at multiple department store beauty counters over the years, haven't you? Don't worry -- you're not alone. But did you know it's possible to look your very best on a much tighter budget?
04/02/2012 05:16 EDT

Busted! The Truth About 10 Beauty Myths

Many of us base our daily regimes on years of habit, often stemming from information gathered way back when we were kids. Our mother, our aunt, our best friend or some kid in science class told us a pearl of beauty wisdom and we accepted it as the truth: "Don't wash your hair every day" or "Keep perfume in the fridge," or "Use toothpaste to get rid of zits." But how many of these beauty adages actually true?
03/20/2012 09:14 EDT

Skincare Trends: How Women Keep Their Skin Looking Flawless

Many of us choose our skincare regime according to what we've stumbled upon at the local beauty counter or what we've been doing since we were a teenager. But if you broaden your horizons a bit, you might just discover that secret technique you've been searching for. Here's a sampling of the skincare trends that women around the globe swear by.
03/13/2012 12:16 EDT

There's A Reason You See Retinol Everywhere

Want to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes? It's hard to know what products to trust when we're being constantly bombarded with skin care ads promising drastic results in very little time. If you're serious about improving your skin, here are some ingredients that have been proven to help skin.
03/04/2012 10:04 EST

BB Cream: The Next Big Thing In Beauty?

One skin care product is generating a ton of buzz precisely because it addresses both the time-crunch we all face in the morning and our not-so-secret desire for flawless skin. BB Cream, which has long been the go-to beauty secret of women in Korea and other parts of Asia, is starting to gain momentum here in Canada.
01/24/2012 09:25 EST