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The Best Pet Paradise Spots Around The World

It can be heart-breaking to leave your beloved pooch behind while you embark on your next adventure. But with an increasing number of travellers looking to take their smaller halves with them as well as more and more accommodations and airlines catering to those with pets, there's really no reason those furry adventurers can't join in the fun. With more great places to stay than any other travel brand in the world and over 92 million real guest reviews, shares top tips on what to look for in a pet-friendly stay along with a selection of highly-rated accommodation gems specifically geared to animal loving jet-setters and their four legged friends.


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5 things to look for in a pet friendly stay:

  1. Make sure the staff is known for loving--not just dealing with--pets! Be proud of your pooch instead of dodging disapproving looks as you walk in the corridor.
  2. Check out the scenery or nearby parks to make sure your precious pup can run and roam.
  3. See if spa days are available for your little love, so you can both be pampered on your stay.
  4. Remember that the food can make or break a trip, for you and your dog. Gourmet pet menus are available at a wide array of stays.
  5. Many accommodations offer puppy packages. From special bowls and name tags to beds and bones, don't forget to look into the array of treats that might be available.


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Top pet friendly destinations around the world:

Canines in Canada - Nita Lake Lodge, Canada

Who doesn't dream of a beautiful vacation in the mountains with a big log cabin and a fireplace for you and Buster to cosy up? Welcome to Nita Lake Lodge where one reviewer shared it was 'probably the most pet-friendly hotel they've stayed at in ages... simply stunning.'


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Not so 'ruff' Rome - Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts, Italy

Surrounded by large Mediterranean gardens, you and your sweet pooch can live it up like royalty in this Roman palace. To make sure your little treasure hits the streets in style, the Rome Cavalieri offers pets personalised cashmere jumpers with their names printed in dazzling rhinestones.


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British buddies - The Goodwood Hotel, United Kingdom

How about a weekend away at a dazzling private members only club where you and your privileged pet can enjoy the wellness center, golf course, fine dining or even a dance studio too. The Goodwood Hotel is surrounded by gorgeous greenery and is ready to meet both of your needs.


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Lassie in 'the land down under - The Langham Sydney, Australia

Whether it's your first or hundredth time abroad with your pet, this stunning stay will knock the fur off your feet. Indulge yourself and pamper your pet with The Langham's 5-star pet service featuring gourmet dishes like 'Lassie's Favorite'. "It was our first trip away with our pet baby and you made it very special. Thank you!" shared one reviewer.


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Out of Africa - Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa, South Africa

Keen to travel the world with your precious pooch? Then head to Cape Town and run along the beach with--at least one of--your tongues flying through the air, shouting / barking with joy! Replete with fantastic views, incredible spa services, a movie theater AND your happy hound, what more do you need?


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Greek adventure - Agroktima, Greece

This scenic spot is perfect for nature and animal lovers alike. Set in the glorious foothills of Greece's Mount Parnon, enjoy roaming around this enchanting area where you and your pet can easily make new friends with plenty of other like-minded, two and four-legged travellers.


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Chihuahua's in China - Millennium Resort Hangzhou, China

Ever thought about taking the whole family to experience China's magnificent beauty? You can all - pet included - explore the great outdoors surrounding Millennium Resort Hangzhou. Take a walk through famous tea plantations and ancient bamboo forests before getting pampered in this "earthly paradise".


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Bring on Bali - The Sanglung Villas, Indonesia

There's nothing like a home--or more like paradise--away from home with all those who hold your heart. Sanglung Villas offer you and your pet the freedom and comforts of home at one of the most desired destinations in the world. Play fetch, roll around, enjoy the views or simply chase your tail... it's play time.


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The Bow-Wow-Package - The Orlando Hotel, Los Angeles, USA

Complete with lush rooms and a range of tailored services for you and your dog, you can both enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and the famous in sunny California at The Orlando Hotel. For those pets in need of particular TLC, the hotel even features a special 'Bow-Wow-Package' which includes a doggie turn-down service.


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