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Deciding Between Destination Doppelgangers

If you're planning to book your next exotic getaway to a beach in Australia, be-warned as you may end up at a rainy loch in Scotland instead. These wildly different destinations share one very important thing in common, their name. Destination Doppelgangers as they're affectionately known, exist all over the world and have caught many unsuspecting travellers off-guard.

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If you're planning to book your next exotic getaway to a beach in Australia, be-warned as you may end up at a rainy loch in Scotland instead. These wildly different destinations share one very important thing in common, their name. Destination Doppelgangers as they're affectionately known, exist all over the world and have caught many unsuspecting travellers off-guard.

With offering properties in more than 88,000 destinations across 224 countries and territories, let's just say we found a few doppelganger destinations. Through the new Passion Search platform, travellers also have the opportunity to discover their next vacation based on their interest or hobby. So if you're a lover of the great outdoors, Passion Search will recommend heading to New Brunswick, Canada versus the urban lights of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Here are our top five destination doppelgangers that you should always double-check before booking.

WATERLOO, Belgium vs. WATERLOO, Canada

If your passion is history, head to -- Waterloo, Belgium

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Located just outside of Brussels, Waterloo is a tiny town that's history and character extends well beyond its size. History buffs know it as the place where Napoleon's imperial ambitions were put to an end after the battle 1815. Be enveloped by the city's past and stay in the magnificently restored B&B L'Orangerie, located along former battlefields. The cozy villa features five spacious guest rooms, a contemporary interior and a large French-style garden with a private terrace. Plan your visit wisely as the town re-enacts the 1815 battle once every few years.

If your passion is technology, head to -- Waterloo, Ontario

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With the second-highest density of start-ups in the world and the birthplace of the Blackberry smartphone, Waterloo in Ontario is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the north. Located in the heart of Canada's technology triangle, sits the Walper Hotel, which has welcomed the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Louis Armstrong and Sarah McLachlan over the years

MEMPHIS, Tennessee vs. MEMPHIS, Egypt

If your passion is music, head to -- Memphis, Tennessee

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It's been said that the city of Memphis, Tennessee moves to the rhythm of the Mississippi River. That should come as no surprise given its reputation for music, particularly blues, jazz and rock 'n' roll. In fact, the legendary Sun Studio has been dubbed the birth of rock 'n' roll - having produced artists like B.B. King, Johnny Cash and of course the king himself, Elvis Presley. The addictive vibe of the city spills right into the Madison Hotel, a luxurious boutique property that offers guests easy access to the main attractions like Beale Street.

If your passion is archeology, head to -- Memphis, Egypt

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The former ancient Egyptian capital has a much deeper and more complex past than its American counterpart. Located south of the Nile River, approximately 15 miles from modern Cairo, the city was founded in 31,000 BC by what is believed to be the first Pharaoh of the first dynasty. What was once a city filled with temples, palaces and gardens is now part of the ruins along the pyramid complex at Giza. Go back in time and bunk at the Great Pyramid Inn which offers stunning views of the world-famous pyramids and of course the Sphinx.


If your passion is the great outdoors, head to -- New Brunswick, Canada

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Known for its natural beauty, this east coast province is a natural playground. Surrounded by the ocean among a diverse landscape, it's the perfect place to discover nature - catch a glimpse of a humpback whale, set sail on the water, or cycle through the vast greenery. The province's bustling urban centre in and around Saint John boasts the freshest seafood and hearty Acadian dishes all served with local wine and beer. Step back in history and stay at the Earle of Leinster, originally built in 1878. This B&B is located in historic uptown Saint John and is walking distance to Imperial Theatre, Brunswick Square and the Saint John City Market.

If your passion is urban nightlife, head to -- New Brunswick, New Jersey

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The charming city of New Brunswick, New Jersey is a hub for major global companies, and home to some of the state's biggest Universities. With a 15-block downtown area featuring nearly 50 restaurants competing for your palate, an array of green spaces, a rich variety of comedy clubs and bars and enough historical significance to populate several museums and tours - there is no shortage of things to do. Emerge yourself in the New Brunswick culture and stay in the heart of it all at Heldrich and Spa which offers guests stunning views, relaxing spa services and delicious on-site dining.

PERTH, Scotland vs. PERTH, Australia

If your passion is shopping, head to -- Perth, Scotland

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Located in central Scotland, the charming city of Perth sits along the beautiful banks of the country's longest river, the River Tay. This former capital was once the most important political, judicial and commercial centres in Scotland. Today, it's a bustling city offering a range of entertainment, cafés and restaurants. Its vast selection of independent stores makes it the perfect shopping destination offering unique, quirky and high quality products you won't find anywhere else. The Royal George Hotel, an 18th century stylish hotel, overlooks the river and serves up traditional Scottish dishes right at the hotel.

If your passion is surfing, head to -- Perth, Australia

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Beach lovers rejoice -- Perth, Australia offers a coastal destination with an urban vibe. The beaches are clean, uncrowded and regularly patrolled for sharks. Expect to find fabulous restaurants, chic wine bars and tanned bodies. The Crown Metropol Perth, situated on the banks of the Swan River overlooking the Perth city skyline, offers a modern and stylish option.

WARSAW, Poland vs. WARSAW, Indiana

If your passion is architecture, head to -- Warsaw, Poland

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Combining elements of new and old, this Eastern European capital offers the best of both worlds. The vibrant and modern downtown metropolis is laced with historical monuments and cobble stoned streets. Visitors can expect world-class dining options, urban parks and shouldn't miss the Chopin museum or the former Jewish ghetto. The five star H15 Boutique, is an excellent choice for those looking to be at the epicenter of European history. Originally a private residence, the building served as a Soviet embassy and headquarters for the Nazi party. Today it's been transformed to offer 46 beautiful rooms finished with unique modern artwork.

If your passion is celeb-spotting, head to -- Warsaw, Indiana

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You may be surprised to hear that there are in fact 15 Warsaws in North America due in part to waves of Polish immigration in the 18th and 19th centuries. Of these, it is the quaint town of Warsaw, Indiana that has most recently found fame as the home-town of ABC's reality star, Ben Higgs, of The Bachelor. For a chance to catch a glimpse of Warsaw-native Ben, consider a stay at Wyndham Garden Warsaw, centrally located and close to main attractions like the Wagon Wheel Theatre and Winona Lakes.

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