02/24/2015 05:27 EST | Updated 04/26/2015 05:59 EDT

How to Have a Happy, Healthy and Well-Equipped 2015

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Is 2015 the year you have vowed to get fit? Are you already in top shape, and determined to stay that way? Or are you cheerleading for someone who has declared their fitness goals? No matter which of these scenarios you fall into, the right equipment and inspiration goes a long way. Here are a few product suggestions for anyone who is embracing fitness this year.


1. Improve life quality - When someone is looking to enhance sport performance, rehabilitate injury, or improve their fitness level, a Professional Balance Board is a great fit. This is a great go-to tool to increase proprioception, coordination and agility, while improving core strength and joint stability. Despite being commonly thought of as a training tool for those into skateboarding, snowboarding and the stand-up paddleboard trend, these Boards have a place in any fitness regime. Fitterfirst $79.99

2. Hydration is in style - This year's most stylish on-the-go water bottle is the S'Well Teakwood Bottle. Inspired by Mother Nature, their new Wood Collection features a smooth matte finish with every bottle being unique. As an added bonus to going green, American Forests will plant a tree for every Wood bottle sold. Purchase one today to give a great looking and functional water-bottle, while joining S'well in supporting the preservation and re-planting of forests. $34.99

3. Be in the moment - Built by HTC, the RE is an entirely new kind of camera that will keep you in the moment, not living it behind a screen. The single tap shutter and 140-degree widescreen lens, makes it super easy to capture high-quality photos and video. With its small, lightweight frame and ability to go underwater, the RE camera is perfect for the active lifestyle. Capture a ski trip from a totally unique point of view or use the time-lapse feature to track your cycling adventure. Share or relive your adventures seamlessly through the RE app on your smartphone, available on iOS and Android. ( $200 at Staples

4. Stay warm - Don't let the chilly winter months keep you indoors, or de-rail your fitness plans. Stay warm with the 180S Exolite Sonic Ear warmer when training outside in colder months. With QuantumHeat fabric these ear warmers are lightweight and moisture wicking while retaining body heat. You can also enjoy music during your favourite outdoor activities even when the temperature drops. $45

5. Fitness anywhere - the ultimate solution to a safe, motivating and effective exercise system that truly gets results. Perfect for travel, at the home or office or at the gym. Evolve Functional Fitness is an virtual fitness platform that can be done anywhere, anytime, on any device -- all you need is your own bodyweight and the desire to get fit! For only $7.99 per month, there are no more excuses why you can't get a workout in! Free month trial at

6. Spiked...balls, not drinks - Spiky Balls are perfectly suited for massage, increasing circulation and improving relaxation. They can be used in therapy or at home and are available in four different sizes. Small and lightweight -- these are perfect tools to add to your fitness travel kit. Starting at $6.95 from Fitterfirst

Fitness is more about lifestyle than a quick solution to an end goal. Using tools like these to compliment your fitness routine can play an integral role in attaining lasting results and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Stay inspired. Keep your goals in mind, but don't forget to enjoy the experience along the way. Make this a fitness year to remember!


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