07/01/2015 08:53 EDT | Updated 07/01/2016 05:59 EDT

Sharing Your Birthday With Canada: Worse Than Being a Christmas Baby?


People cheer and fireworks crackle every year for a very special birthday: Mine.

Oh wait, that's for Canada.

Christmas babies make a strong argument for how much it sucks being cheated out of two sets of presents and a day of your own on their birthdays.

But what about us Canada Day babies?

Sure, it's nice that everyone is off work and school on our birthdays...

Cut to a childhood where every year when all of your friends are busy with their families celebrating a birthday that is NOT YOURS or are at Wonderland. I don't know about any other Canada Day babies, but I was banned from going to Wonderland to celebrate my birthday because it was always just too busy. I couldn't even pretend those fireworks were for me.

I get it's a national holiday and everything, but really? Quit whining Christmas babies. This is why having your birthday on Canada Day is just as bad, if not worse, as told in Full House gifs.

Your thunder is totally stolen.

People forget your birthday but always remember Canada's.

Everything is closed.

Everyone is busy celebrating a birthday that is not yours.

Seriously Canada? Fireworks that are not for me? That's just insensitive. You've celebrated your years how many times? Can't you just leave something for me?

When you say that you can't wait for your birthday, the standard answer is "Oh right, it's Canada Day."

What if your cake is forgotten because "oh let's just go see the fireworks" THAT ARE NOT FOR ME.

The fireworks are also obnoxiously loud and make it hard to enjoy your first sleep as someone a year older.

In legitimate fear of the comments section, I feel the necessity for a disclaimer saying that I am, in fact, being facetious. I don't have any bridge to burn with Canada. Of course I don't cringe every time I see red and white or glimpse at the Canada Day flag. In all honesty, I've loved being a born and raised Canadian who has enjoyed our education, health care, diversity and all those other lovely things that make Canada Canada.

But really Canada, if you skipped a year of your birthday you could always lie about your age. That way, we all win.