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What Is The ROI From Email Etiquette Training?

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I was recently asked what Return On Investment (ROI), a client might receive from investing in Email Etiquette Training.

The quick answer is that I'm confident that Email Etiquette Training conservatively gives the average professional more than 6 extra days of productivity per year. If participants see a facilitator speaking at a conference it may be a bit less - or if they experience a customized corporate training environment it may be a bit more.

Depending on the employees' responsibilities, this result can have a tremendous impact on training ROI; not to mention how it improves their professional relationship, brand reputation and efficiency.

Let me show you how I come to my 6 productive days conclusion.

My Hypothesis: Saving 6 Days, 15 minutes at a time

Studies demonstrate the average business professional spends approximately 90% of their time writing and reading business email. I've seen first-hand that learning to write better emails helps participants get more done in less time, and it helps organizations and individuals improve their reputation by:

  • Writing / formatting messages in a professional manner
  • Getting to the point - quickly / learning how to bottom-line messages
  • Getting and giving all the information that is required - when it is needed
  • Not having to send multiple email asking for information that hasn't been received
  • Not being misunderstood as bossy, rude or hostile
  • No longer clogging up their managers inbox by overusing To... Cc... and Reply All...
  • And more...

I've studied how participates in Email Etiquette Training can save between 15 and 30 minutes per day. But, let me be conservative here and say they only save 15 minutes a day (or 1 hour and 15 minutes per week), of extra productivity.

The average American works approximately 1,700 hours per year. Based on an 8-hour workday, that equals 42.5 weeks per year, (considering vacation, statutory holidays, sick days etc.). Saving 1 hour and 15 minutes per week for 42.5 weeks gives us 53.13 recovered / saved hours per year (3,187.56 minutes). That equals more than 6 additional - more productive days per year... per employee.

What If Email Training Saves 20 or 30 Minutes Per Day?

If Email Etiquette Training saves 20 minutes per day (an extra 5 minutes), employers will enjoy nearly 9 days of additional productivity per year... per employee... almost 2 free weeks of productive work. At 30 minutes per day I estimate employers will enjoy over 13 days of additional productivity per year... per employee.

Conclusion: Email Etiquette Training Return On Investment

Email Etiquette Training is a Win for the employee, a Win for the department and a BIG WIN for the organization overall. The additional 1, 2 (or more), weeks of productivity per year has no cost - other than the training. Chances are, any training costs will be recovered within the first week simply in additional productivity and added brand value / reputation.

Happy communicating, mentoring, motivating... and training.

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