02/26/2013 05:42 EST | Updated 04/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Photography Is Best Enjoyed Offline


We have so much amazing technology available to us in our digital lifestyle. I have a computer-science background and so I'm a big nerd. I love my techno-gadgets! There are so many great things about living a digital lifestyle -- improved convenience, accessibility and reach for example. We are able to keep in touch and re-connect with friends and family like never before.

That being said, there are still some parts of our lives that deserve to be brought "offline." Relationships, for example. So many of today's teenagers are unable to hold a face-to-face conversation because they're so used to Tweeting and texting their sentiments. What's that going to do for them when they're in front of their future employer for an interview?

Another aspect of our life that deserves to be brought "offline" is photography. Think about it for a minute -- how romantic is it to sit behind a computer screen with your fiancé and look at your engagement pictures? Or how nostalgic is it to sit on the couch with your kids and a laptop to flick through family pictures? Not very...

I still believe that photography is best appreciated and enjoyed only once it is printed, and it's a lost art that we are moving away from. We need to bring it back. We are the most photographed generation, yet we enjoy those photographs the least.

Technology comes and goes. What if all you had from your grandparents' wedding was a floppy disk of their wedding pictures? Would you be able to even look at them today?

A printed portrait hanging in your home is something that you can enjoy every day. An album with vacation pictures is something you can sit on a couch and look back at, without the distraction of Facebook notifications and email apps bouncing on the bottom of your screen.

Looking at photographs in print allows us to slow down and enjoy them on their own and without distraction or limitation.

I created this fun parody video showcasing my point -- imagine a completely digital lifestyle and not being able to enjoy printed photographs? Pretty boring, wouldn't you say? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!