06/21/2015 10:51 EDT | Updated 06/23/2016 05:59 EDT

Dads Who Dare To Do It Differently


By: Kunle Bristow

Some people think this video is about my daughter. Why? Because of my son's "feminine" colour choices. I'm regularly upbraided for damaging my son by letting him wear so much pink. First up, I'm not "letting" him -- I'm actively promoting it. "There's no such thing as a girl colour," he tells his playmates. Now I see other boys in his circle wearing more colourful clothes.

Being a black father, I notice people being shocked that I am even involved with my children -- that's about living in a wider racist culture. Black masculinity has always been under attack. As a kid, I was physically beat up by my own brother for not being masculine enough. As black men, my son and I are under relentless scrutiny. So my job is to help him develop friends who know that masculinity isn't about seeking violence and avoiding pink clothing.

This Father's Day I want to encourage every black dad out there to remember you don't have to conform, you can do it differently, if you dare.

Happy Father's Day. Peep the video below.


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