09/17/2015 12:18 EDT | Updated 09/17/2016 05:12 EDT

White People Do NOT Need Their Own Special Clubs

Ryerson University

By: Lincoln Anthony Blades

A few days ago, several posters recruiting members for a White Students Union were taken down from three Toronto area university campuses. According to its website, the group claims to advance "the political interests of Western peoples."

But here's the thing, white people do NOT need their own spaces where they come together to exalt their whiteness and lack of melanin.

I don't mean that white people are not allowed to celebrate their heritage or their cultural identity. White people are free to be proud of being Canadian, or having roots in Italy, Germany or Sweden, but, if there's one thing white people don't need, it's their own pro-white group; no matter how much they believe that they're truly the aggrieved minority in this country (which is based on a bullshit false equivalence).

In our communities, blacks get together and start groups for reasons such as helping to fix the unequal academic challenges facing our children. Aboriginal groups are formed to address the specific erasure of their brutalization. Filipino groups exist to promote their cultural heritage and history throughout their communities, while also assisting newly landed immigrants.

Now, you might say, "Well, why can't white people do those same things?" And the answer is simple -- you already did! In the past few centuries, where being white was considered "normal", everything was created for you, and with you in mind. These specific race-based groups weren't created to hate on white people -- they were created because white people didn't allow us the space to participate as equals.

On a continent where people of colour have been, and continue to be, terrorized, dehumanized, brutally murdered and denied basic human rights based on the colour of their skin, a grievance white people have not experienced, white people don't need to come together to lend moral and emotional support for their brethren in the same way people of colour do.

In North America, where people of colour had to fight their way to work the same jobs as white people, struggle to eat at the same restaurants and sleep in the same hotels as white people, ride on the same buses as white people and even die in the same wars as white people, there's no reason white people need their own groups.

On a continent where people of colour still don't make the same wages as white people, have to deal with more academic bias than white people and are targeted by law enforcement at a higher rate than white people, white people definitely don't need their own groups.

In Canada and the United States, racism isn't a problem -- it's a legacy. To call racism a problem is to address it as a momentary issue that currently inconveniences some citizens until a better option is discovered, like the dissolution of the middle class. But racism is a legacy that has marked every second of life in North America.

In fact, racism is what Canada and America were intrinsically built on. But, perhaps the only hilarious thing about the existence of racism is the fact that the people who created it and who benefit from it the most, want to convince us all that they are truly the biggest victims in a society that systemized their supremacy, coddles their fragility and enforces their privilege.

When I first heard that a racist, white supremacist group was attempting to recruit new members at Ryerson, U o f T and York, I wasn't as surprised as many other people seemed to be. Not only does Canada have a long history with racism, but ever since Barack Obama was elected as the 44th president of the United States, many white folks all over North America began to ascribe to a mentality that truly shocked me -- victimization.

Throughout my life, I've encountered many great white people and many douchebags, which is par for the course for any race of people, but meeting white people who believe that they are the greatest victims of modern western society is the most fascinating and ridiculous bullshit I've ever heard. It's the bullshit equivalency that portrays Kim Davis as Rosa Parks.

It has become en vogue for prejudiced white people to embrace persecution, even when whiteness thoroughly permeates every aspect of our society. This group wasn't created to participate in diversity, it was created to mock its very existence.

So knowing that some racist folks are hell bent on creating "safe" spaces to fight the "tyranny" of multiculturalism, I'm left with only one question: If white people are losing in our country, who the hell is winning?

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