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30 Ways To Help Animals For Earth Month

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Sometimes saving the planet can seem like a daunting task, I know it was for me when I began my green journey almost fifteen years ago. Things were quite different back then, choices were limited and so was information, that's just simply not the case anymore. We have a great deal of green items to choose from that are effective and innovative and we have a ton of information at our fingers tips too.

April 1st, marks the beginning of Earth Month, what a perfect opportunity to think about our footprint and the footprints of all the amazing, magical creatures we share this beautiful planet with.

I've got 30 ways you can help animals this Earth Month. Even if you do just one, it's a step in the right direction.

1. Pledge to be #SelfieAware and not take part in taking selfies with or touching wild animals when you travel. Animals used in tourist shows and activities suffer greatly to make interactions with people possible.

2. Spring cleaning? Use nontoxic and pet safe products like this amazing DIY kitchen Scrub and Cleanser and make sure to store all your cleaning products out of reach of pets.

3. Sign up for World Animal Protection's monthly newsletter for ways to help animals, touching stories of rescued animals and tips to keep you animal-friendly.

4.Buy toys that don't have harmful chemicals. Like humans, pets can be exposed to Bisphenol A.

5. Keep animals safe in a disaster. Make a plan and emergency kit for your pets to ensure everyone's safety in storms, power outages and evacuations.

6. Support local and humane. Visit a farmer's market for locally grown and organic fruit, veggies and meat.

7. Make your Seder plate animal-friendly this Passover by using a cage-free egg. Learn more about how to shop for sustainable eggs here.

8. Go with a non-clumping kitty litter. Clumping litter takes its toll on the environment. The

sodium bentonite, a natural clay ingredient that expands into a hard mass when it comes into contact with moisture. It's shown to be toxic to cats. Choose litter made from recycled newspapers,corn, pine needles or wheat.

9. Considering a fresh look for spring? Buy only cruelty-free and nontoxic cosmetics.

10. Buy reusable supplies. For example house train your puppy with machine-washable puppy pads and keep disposable pads out of landfill and save some money in the long run too.

11. Don't give animals as gifts. Deciding to share your life with an animal by adopting a dog, cat or fluffy bunny takes time, thought and commitment.

12. Fill your Easter basket with gifts that help animals. Give a World Animal Gift and help chickens live healthier, feed a hungry bear or save innocent dogs from suffering.

13. On Easter Sunday choose cage-free eggs for colouring and for a kinder brunch frittata.

14. Stop over-population by spaying and neutering your pets.

15. Slow down and keep a look out for wildlife while driving. Roads can cut across wildlife habitats and migration routes creating hazards as animal try to cross from one side to the other.

16. When you scoop the poop, make sure you are using a corn based biodegradable bag, instead of a plastic one. Or try a scooper box made from recycled cardboard and newspaper.

17. Get your office or school to go "green". Using recycled paper for example, helps protect our forests and the animals who call them home.

18. Avoid single use plastic like bottles and bags. Plastic can stay in the environment for many decades disrupting ecosystems and choking animals.

19. On Earth Day, plant a tree. Trees improve air quality by producing oxygen and also provide a habitat for animals like birds and squirrels.

20. On World Book Day, read a great book about the inner lives of animals, like When Elephants Weep by Jeffrey Masson or We Animals by Jo-Anne McArthur.

21. Try a meatless Monday.

22. Make your backyard a sanctuary for wildlife. Plant native species, hang bird feeders with a healthy seed mix and don't use harmful pesticides that are dangerous for both wildlife and pets.

23. Opt for an eco-dog bed, one that is made from recycled materials, think of natural fibers like jute, wool and hemp.

24. Cut the loop (plastic bag handles, packing bands and 6-pack holders) to protect curious marine animals from becoming entangled.

25. Learn more about the impact of 'ghost gear' on our oceans and have fun by playing World Animal Protection's Ghost Gear dodge game.

26. Weather is getting warmer. Never leave animals alone in cars. Even on cooler days the inside of a car can heat up fast.

27. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Spending your time with animals in need will boost their spirits and yours.

28. Pick up 5 items of litter when you visit the beach or shoreline to help keep trash out of the bellies of seabirds.

29. Read World Animal Protection's guide on how to be an animal-friendly when you travel.

30. Spread the word. Encourage your family and friends to try some of these tips to help animals this Earth Month.

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