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Susanne and Mark's Master Bedroom

Candice Olson

Once in a while, my clients come to me via unusual sources. In the case of this master bedroom, it was actually my clients' teenage daughters who got in touch to beg me to do something about their parents' "stuck-in-the-'80s" bedroom. It was the girls who convinced Susanne and Mark to take a leap of faith and invest in a makeover of their master bedroom. The girls were so right... everything in that room was dated circa 1982!

The first thing I thought when I looked around this time-warped room was, "What were we thinking back then?!" The pastel colours in this space were trendy at the time, but today they just look like the shades on a lost and forgotten Easter egg! Bubble-gum pink walls were paired with teal, mint green and pastel salmon fabrics. The windows sported that ubiquitous '80s balloon valance, and the same fabric was used for the bed cover, the upholstered headboard and the throw pillows. This colour scheme was older than this couple's teenage daughters... seriously! I definitely had my work cut out for me.

The rest of this family's home was bright and colorful, and after chatting with them at length, I decided to turn their bedroom into the soft and grounding oasis they were missing. Susanne wanted a quiet spot where she could lounge and read, and Mark wanted to be able to watch TV there. I decided that a built-in corner cabinet, that at the moment displayed family photos and mementos, could be salvaged and given a new lease on life.

The room's time shift into the 21st century began with the paint colours. The pink disappeared under a soft celery green colour, while creamy white covered the ceiling. Immediately the room felt warmer and richer. The cream-coloured broadloom was still in good shape, but added a pop of colour and warmth by bringing in a soft green, needlepoint rug. Keeping the contrast level muted and the colours soft was an important factor in creating that "quiet, romantic" getaway the clients craved. I chose fabrics in mocha and caramel colours for the bed linens, the upholstered headboard and the window coverings.

I then brought in an eclectic mix of furniture -- contemporary and antiques. A large walnut armoire housed the television. According to the kids, Mom deserved a double-dose of attention in here, so I also created an intimate corner getaway just for her with a comfy, overstuffed reading chair, task lighting and a rounded side table. Perfect for a cup of tea and the newspaper on a quiet, weekend afternoon.

The built-in cabinets were modernized by replacing the white veneer shelves with glass ones. This also allowed the newly installed pot lights to shine through, showcasing their glass knickknacks, art and family photos. With just a few small changes we were able to turn a tired piece of cabinetry into a bright new display centre.

Susanne and Mark were thrilled with the final look of their master bedroom, which, via the "Olson Time Machine," had finally caught up to the new millennium!

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