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I Printed a 3D Sex Toy

Ian Logan via Getty Images

The 3D printing is one of the most stirring and quickly developing industries. And, if you haven't noticed, it definitely will be one of the streams that will revolutionize how we bring technology into everyday, practical, at home and on-demand use. Layer by layer, molding into essentially any shape, in any material you desire, futurists have made the call that most people will own a 3D printing system in their own homes in the relatively near future. According to Dr. Ron Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google, 3D printing will become such the norm that "By 2025, 3D printers will print clothing at very low cost," which will quite literally re-fashion and diversify the possibility of this technology.

What, though, does this have to do with me and sex? Really, technology is such a turn-on for so many people intellectually and intimately. For some, this is so much so that mechanophilia and robot fetishism is a part of their sexual expression. Technosexuality is here -- but, let's be honest -- if you can think it, someone has already come up with a way to have sex with it.

From Blu Ray to porn, sex is the dirty little secret that drives new technology such as in e-business growth, sexting and the high demand for other mobile accessible sex services (i.e. procuring still images and streamed erotica). If anything, sex has everything to do with technology. What if, though, we made pleasure so accessible that you could create the perfect sensual tool in the comfort of your own home, with a bottle of Merlot and a bowl of popcorn, all wearing flannel pajamas and fluffy socks in just a few hours?

For this most recent project of mine, I teamed up with Diply and Tech Alley of ISP Canada and we took sex-tech to a whole new level that neither of them thought was accessible. We 3D-printed a ribbed for your pleasure (as expected) blue dildo, and time lapsed the whole thing for your viewing entertainment -- because, that's what I do.

Before we get to the goods, there are a few safety tips that I want to enlighten you with before you get your eager beaver panties twisted. Although there is a slowly growing number of open source and free pleasure product designs on the market currently, (I got this one from using a sex toy hot off the press is not recommended and can lead to a higher risk of injury and health concerns.

3D Sex Toy Printing Safety tips:

1. Always check user warnings when printing your own 3D sex toy. Whatever you create at home, whether it's for topical or internal use, do your research and be a responsible sex tech user.

2. Printing in Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic is phthalate-free and hypoallergenic. Using it to print sex toys is body safe as long as you get a smooth, non-porous finish. Think that if it's good enough for kids and Lego then it's good enough for your hankering hole.

3. Polish your sex toy using sandpaper. As 3D printing technology works by making an object layer by layer, microscopic gaps and ridges create the probability of the product being dangerous for internal use.

4. Seal your sex toy with thin, repetitive layers of silicone, post print. This reduces the tiny gaps which, in turn reduces the potential for harmful bacteria growth that could lead to much more discomfort.

5. Do not forget to clean your sex toy regularly and after every usage or practice safer sex by using a condom if you're playing with a partner(s). To clean, use a washcloth, warm water, and anti-bacterial soap. This is not a dishwasher safe activity, either (my lackadaisical lovers).

Check the video below that I joined in producing with Diply: 3D PRINTED SEX TOY


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