02/11/2013 12:05 EST | Updated 04/13/2013 05:12 EDT

Don't Slip Up -- Choose the Right Lube For You


If sex came second, then lubricant helped you come first! Getting from level none to fun when turned on has the potential to be the best part of your arousal experience. What, might you ask, could make it even better? One of the best ways to increase your pleasure capacity is to add a little liquid love with lubricant. We use lube during sex for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it's to add a little exotic flavour, to ensure a smooth point of entry, or to combat the often unpredictable effects of factors such as intoxication or aging.

However, the navigation through the vast sea of anti-chaffing could become easily distracting and overwhelming. It's easy to be confused with gimmicks that attempt to attract you with flashy names and delicious looking miniature fruit icons. Although it can become confusing, amidst all of the fun loving fluids are actually some really great and useful products that can take you from Ow to Wow in no time! Here's my quick guide to the basic rules of lubricant that will help you glide on down to pleasure town with ease.


Water-based lubricant is one of the most common types of lubricant that is in use; the reason being, because these types of lube are water soluble and relatively easy to clean off of your sexy bodies and sheets. The other benefits are that the silky and slick texture usually avoid clumping and tackiness, but will need to be periodically reapplied if you're engaging in an all night tasty tussle. If you're incorporating pleasure products and various toys into your play, sticking with a water based lube that you enjoy is definitely best if you're unsure what type to purchase. This is because it won't break down your latex condoms or silicone & cyber skin playmates over time. Another quick tip: if you have sensitive skin or react easily to certain products, make sure you are checking for glycerine or cellulose content, as this may cause you to become more susceptible to various uncomfortable infections such as those in the yeast category, ladies.


Silicone lube is great for all kinds of play, especially the "going in deep" kind. The thick viscosity of silicone has a great purpose that serves for limiting the friction and saving your thin mucous membranes at various points of entry. Harm reductive strategies for safer sex always include the use of lubricant as a strategy, not as a barrier, but as a complimentary aid during penetration that just happens to be pleasure-inducing at the same time. Just remember, over time if you use silicone lube on silicone pleasure products it will cause ruin to the toy and slowly start to break it down, and no one likes a weakened Willy, now do they?


If you're looking for the step between organic and common lubricant, oil based might be your answer. Jellies and oils can be incredible for amping up your pleasure capacity but they need to be used with consideration, depending on your safer sex strategy. Oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly or baby oil break down latex condoms and increases the risk of infection in women. Not to mention, if you are using condoms, the slippage ratio increases substantially as well as with the resolution clean up. There are however, many benefits to other types of oil-based lubricants. For many women, especially those who are sensitive to artificial products, hypoallergenic options that are plant based -- such as olive, coconut or grape oils -- are a healthy and eco-friendly option, as long as you don't mind having your sheets slightly more aromatic than they're used to being.


Ever notice that when you're in the middle of a make out session, that rush of hormones surges through your body (a.k.a. the warmth -- thank you Incubus) and the kiss suddenly gets a little wetter than it was? Your body reacts when turned on by increasing salivation and the moistening of your genitals, amongst other indicators. Nothing says pleasure better than knowing your partner is turned on by you! Vaginal fluids, pre-cum, anal mucous and saliva are all ways that your body prepares itself for what it has hopefully been and repetitive experience of delicious ecstasy. Think of it as your hot body reacting with bodily fluids as igniting the purr of an engine in a well-oiled car. The hotter you get, the more your body reacts until you burst your rad', so to speak.

5.Sensations -- heat, tingling, spermicidal, flavoured, etc.

Whether you're rubbing one out, or rubbing a solid one in, the variety in lubricants that are on the market today is enough to give you little excuse to not find something that turns you on. If you're sensitive, just be sure to check the labels and avoid fragrant moisturizers as an alternative. You also want to make sure you're reading labels properly and watching out where that heating, tingling or numbing lubricant is being used to avoid a less than desirable outcome that could leave you limper than a biscuit or soaking in a cold bath for the night, instead of fancying a shag with your chosen mate.

Great Lubes to Try