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Top Five Sexy Canadianisms from the Sochi Olympics

The Olympics have always had a history of pausing wars, bringing nations together and displaying some of the best patriotism & athleticism worldwide. As a Canadian Sexologist my experience is unique because I have the privilege of living & breathing in one of the best nations in the world-Canada. Where the syrup is real, the coffee is always fresh, every person has a right to get married, curling & hockey are national sports (we own the ice) and, we all come together to demonstrate international love & pride over a pint of Canadian beer or AM Caesar with a Canadian extreme bean or speared pickle.

The Olympians at this year's Sochi 2014 were admirable, determined and all around bad-ass beauties that leave this little Canuck proud to be from one of the greatest countries on our planet. Watching the gold medal hockey game inspired not only a nation to nurse a well-deserved hangover by noon, but it also inspired me to put together this quick list of the top 5 sexiest things from the Canadian Olympic participation at Sochi 2014.

1. The bearded-babe bobsled team

Let me just put this out there - men with beards are babes. But, have you seen the famous twit-pic of our bodacious Canadian bearded-babes bobsled team? This sexy pack helped, along with some other Canadian athletes bring some of our citizens towards the games where they otherwise may not have had any interest. Don't get me wrong, I love a good tussling sporting event like the next guy, but having something nice to look at helps peak my interest just that little bit extra.

2. The #wearewinter hash tag

It's strong, it invokes unity and it makes me feel like the entire country is part of the Stark Family, readying themselves to go into battle with the white walkers. Canada is one of the world's more wired countries, with a social media uptake of 53% of our citizens logging in at least once a month (eMarketer survey), so it makes sense that some of the best hash tags came out of us during this Olympics. From #wearewinter , #priceisright, #beardbabes, #gogoldorgohome, #gocanadago and, #keepcalmcareyon Canada loves being connected and showing red & white pride over the web-o-sphere like none other.

3. Canadian opening ceremonies outfits

Red with black toggle duffle jackets graced the stadiums and all Canadians sat back and cheered with fashionable pride. But why are these outfits sexy? Because I'm sitting there wondering what deliciousness ensues underneath! Everyone has a pair of the HBC maple leaf mittens in their closet now and patriotic chic will truly continue to push though the rest of this winter's polar vortex. Why? Because it's what we do! Wearing Canada gear, in all seasons, no matter what country we are in, is how we Canadians show the rest of the world how rad we are and how much we are proud to let you know it.

*Just had to give a nod to the black beaver on the closing ceremony's outfits #Canadalovesbeaver

4. The Canadian female Olympians

The female Canadian hockey team are the beauties that brought us home gold and set the tone for their male counterparts; the female Canadian curling team continued to dominate with Jennifer Jones as one of the world's best skips to ever play the game; the Dufour-Lapointe sisters showed us that sexy genetics in athleticism is all about keeping it in the family and, when your country has won 10 gold medals and 6 of those come from the women's categories I'd have to say that our Canadian women are in a league all their own. The Canadian female Olympians took to the ice and snow just as hard as the men and showed the world that nobody can hold them down from dominating on and off the tracks.

5. Canadian patriotism

We are polite, we stand together as a multicultural mosaic, we start drinking at 6.30am to watch hockey on a Sunday (or don't go to bed Saturday night), we take a break from classes, we flood social media with our selfies & amazing hash tags, we afre Canada -- we ARE Winter! With the warming of breakfast bacon & beer, an outstanding demonstration of athleticism, and a global pride from Budapest to Bali in beer halls, I know my FB news feed was inundated with Canadian pride from all over the world.

Dear Canada: with 25 medals, 10 gold, 10 silver and 5 bronze that placed us 3rd overall we will always remember where we were when "O Canada" was playing as those hockey babes put their arms around each other, sang our glorious Canadian national anthem and were recognized for being one of the strongest power houses at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. #GoCanada #wearewinter

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