10/16/2013 05:59 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Rebecca Sedwick's Story Is All Too Familiar to Me

Dear World,

I woke up today to the headlines about the story of Rebecca Sedwick in Florida and that two girls had been charged with the cyberharassment that was endured.


It makes me wonder again how kids can be that mean and cruel towards others. I always wonder -- do their parents know? Are the differences in laws between Canada and the U.S. that different? The province of Manitoba just signed their bullying law on October 10, 2013. The same day as World Mental Health Day. The same day as the one year date of Amanda Todd's passing. It's a start!

Those headlines also made me think of the girl who assaulted Amanda and the friends she brought to watch. Also about the boy that was involved and about the stories they told each other to develop the plan of how and what they were to do to Amanda on that rainy cold day. And yes, it did take planning. Most of those kids that came to watch, they didn't go to the same school as Amanda was attending. It was a fair walk to get from School A to School B. It is also fair to note that my daughter also had a choice to file an assault charge on the girl but Amanda decided not to as she wanted to leave that city and forget them and what they did.

She thought that moving away would be it, that there would be a time for peace. She was so very wrong. Many of them decided to continue their cruel game. I won't name names but I know who they are. It's sad. I wonder if THEIR parents know. I wonder how they feel now that young children are involved. Makes you think more deeply.



I was listening the other day to someone who said they knew the kids involved. That there was remorse from some but not others. How sad! Maybe one day, he/she could own up to what they did and not say it was 'just funny to do'. I have the FB messages. It hurts to read them. A letter, note or meeting would be something for restorative justice. Amanda was a friend, sister, daughter, grandchild to those that loved her. Even those that didn't know her love her now. She stands for strength as that is all she wanted at the end. To be left alone in peace but still after six months, one of the girls and her friends couldn't leave Amanda alone. They decided to continue to harass her even further which created more stress and trauma that she had been learning to get rid of.

I would love to say -- "It's a wonderful world," but I can't right now.

But...I do have to say thank you for all the love and support in the past year and especially in the last five days since October 10, 2013. The days surrounding the 10th were better than I expected. I was sad and reflective but the people surrounding me in both my real and virtual world were so supportive. Many took time out of their day to see how I was. Or to send photos of themselves and others in purple. There were so many photos sent that we are still collecting them.

My October 10 was so much more better than I would have ever expected. All the kind and wonderful words of support and caring on my Facebook, Twitter, emails, and text messages kept me going through the day. I am still trying to catch up. Then when I started the Light Up the World Purple Campaign 2013 (this year was Year One), it took off like wildfire with the help of some diligent Snowflake Elves. I can't wait to see what it will be like next year. If you haven't seen the pics, go to Some of the photos have been posted there. There was definitely international support.

Thank you to everyone who was part of the Social Media Connection on Thursday night and the mayor of Coquitlam for turning the fountain at Lafarge Lake purple. It gave me a great feeling of peace and solitude to have Amanda's family, friends and even people who I have met since October 10, 2012 there at the lake all together lighting candles and reflecting on life.

After Amanda passed and her snowflake logo was created, I always wanted the colour purple to be symbolic of an international effort to raise awareness about bullying and mental health (plus other issues). This past October 10 being one year of not having my daughter with me was the start (and it is only the beginning). I have spent the last few days resting and re-energizing for the next Snowflake Campaign. Amanda's birthday is coming at the end of November and her birthday wish was to always have the Christmas lights on the house and glowing on the evening of November 27. Just because she is not with me in person doesn't mean that this can't happen. I invite anyone who wants to participate in this to do so. Take your pics. We will always find a place to post them.

Also, I do believe that snow will start falling soon, take the pics of the first snowflakes and send them. The Amanda Todd Legacy Society will produce a blanket of snowflakes for this coming winter which will keep us SAFE but maybe not so warm.

All my warm thoughts and love...xoxo

P.S. WE Day Vancouver on October 18!




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