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Beauty Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older

A while back we talked about Style Habits That Make You Look Older, but what about your makeup? If you aren't staying up to date with your beauty routine then no matter what your clothing says, your face will be giving away your age or even worse, making you look older.


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Skipping primer. I once read that it's not so much wrinkles that age you (at first at least), but the skin discolorations, so this is your chance for a nice smooth canvas to work with. A light primer will help even out any imperfections.

Using too much or too little foundation. Women often make the mistake of layering on thick foundations which just results in settling in your fine lines and actually enhancing them. Since you are using foundation just to even out patchy skin, look for a light formulation with reflective properties instead of long wearing, matte ones.

Using a heavy powder. A powder will just accentuate any lines but if you must use it then switch to a sheer finishing powder or simply use blotting papers as needed.

Using too much concealer. Like heavy powders and thick foundations, concealer has the amazing ability to settle into your fine lines and highlight them for everyone to see. Instead of thick concealers, opt for a highlighter pen that will brighten your under eye area and use it sparingly every where else.

Using the wrong colour blush. A touch of a sheer pink will always give you a youthful flushed look (too dark a colour can make you look ill). Pinks and peach tones look best on those with fairer skin tones while berry and coral shades beautifully compliment those with darker complexions. Instead of applying blush just on the apples of your cheeks, give it a swipe (but blend, blend, blend so that you don't get a clear line) along the upper line of your cheekbones. Avoid applying it too low as it will give the illusion of drawing your face down.

Using the wrong liner. Whether it's for your lips or eyes, using the wrong liner can add years to your face. On your eyes, it's best to avoid a heavy black line which will accentuate any wrinkles and make your lids look heavier. Instead, try rich brown shades, bronze or even greys. Use them sparingly on just your upper lash line.

Just like with your eyes, a heavily lined lip will only succeed in dating you. Look for shades that either match you lip colour or your lipstick and always apply with a light touch. Remember, the purpose of a lip liner is to hold your lipstick in its place.

Using too dark a lip colour. Light and vibrant colour will always give the illusion of a plumper and fuller pout. For a smooth, even application stick with hydrating and glossy formulations over matte ones. You can also try pressing your lip colour on with your fingers for a more natural look.

Not filling in your brows. As you age, you might find your brows becoming more sparse over time. Don't forget that full brows highlight your eyes and give more depth to your face. Fill them in as needed to retain a more youthful look.

Using a solid hair colour. Depending on your skin tone, a cool black can be too harsh so if you have naturally dark hair, soften the effect by adding some softer highlights. In fact, whatever your hair colour, add dimension and movement by asking your stylist to create highlights and to help find the best colour for you. Just like your colour can affect your age so can your cut. Opt for soft, face framing layers instead of long straight cuts that will only bring your face down.

Not taking care of your skin. This means not having a proper skin care regime that includes lots of hydration and regular exfoliation, not wearing sunscreen and generally being too harsh with you skin. Not only that but your chest and hands will give away your age if you aren't careful. So if you aren't already moisturizing your decolletage and hands on a daily basis, you should be!

Not drinking enough water. Remember that great skin comes from the inside out and if you aren't properly hydrated and eating healthy then it will reflect on your skin. Make sure that you are drinking water and eating your vegetables.


image courtesy of DollarPhotoClub

This seems like a big list but what it really comes down to is creating a soft halo effect with your makeup. Remember that these aren't changes you have to make all at once. They are a guide and suggestions that you can adopt over time. What it comes down to, is as you get older you want to try staying away from harsh lines and colours as they will only succeed in accentuating fine lines and skin that's not quite as plump as it used to be. After all, every woman deserves to look great at any age, but there's no reason to scream a number from the rooftops either. I always say that it's best to keep 'em guessing!

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