12/17/2015 11:00 EST | Updated 12/17/2016 05:12 EST

Beauty Travel Survival Guide

young woman traveling by train

This is arguably the most traveled time of year and not always in the best of conditions (let's be honest I don't think a year has gone by that we haven't watched the news with reports of people being stranded at the airport).

We all have our favourite beauty products that are a must for travelling and tips and tricks to help us arrive at our destinations looking fresh and bright eyed. But what exactly do you wear, or not wear, when you travel?


image courtesy of Caroline Topperman

Moisturizer. I actually start my beauty routine several days before travelling by applying nightly calming masks, since I'm usually stressing out. On the day of, I always use my trusty deep penetrating facial oil.

Tinted moisturizer. I can't completely forego foundation, but because I know it will be sliding off my face in no time and I'm not interested in applying a heavy formulation, I simply apply a very light tinted moisturizer. It gives me some colour, but still allows my skin to breathe.

Refreshing mist. There's nothing like applying a cooling, hydrating mist when your skin is drying out due to recycled air. As a bonus, it will also help keep my complexion looking fresh. On the other hand, if I find my complexion becoming oily then I'll just use some basic blotting paper to keep it matte.

Highlight. Rather than wearing a lot of makeup, I simply dab a touch of highlighter on the tops of my cheeks, on my inner eye and under my brows. It gives me a little bit of shine while keeping my face bright.

Eye drops. I wear contacts and my eyes definitely get red and dry after hours of being exposed to dry air, total exhaustion and stress. Gentle drops are a lifesaver and they help my eyes look clear (aka more awake).

Lip and cheek stain. Nothing drying is the mantra, but most of us look a lot better when we have some colour on our faces. A dab or two of cheek stain is enough, as is the "just bitten" look. On that note, I also generously apply a lip conditioner while I'm traveling. By the way, a good lip conditioner does wonders when you dab it on beneath your eyes.

Hand cream. There's a strange phenomenon that seems to happen when I utter the word travel. Somehow, all of a sudden, my hands become extra dry and flaky. As a result, a heavy duty, unscented hand cream is a must in my bag. A bonus to a high quality cream is that you can use it on any dry spots on your face.


image courtesy of Caroline Topperman

Beret. As most of you know I'm a big fan of hats, but this is one time when they really come in handy. While I'd love to say that I travel with my favourite cloche or fedora, more often than not it's a classic black beret that helps to conceal frizz and dry strands. For one, I can easily stash it in my bag and it always makes me feel a little bit exotic.

Looking back over this list, it appears super long but the reality is that it's actually quite simple. This isn't the time for major makeup application and creating the perfect look, it's about letting your natural beauty shine through. In fact, everything is based around keeping your complexion moisturized and fresh looking.

What are your beauty travel tips?


No Makeup, No Problem!