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8 Fall Coats Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

In addition to this being sweater season (yippee!), it's also coat and jacket season. You know what that means -- our favourite toppers get to come out and see the world again!

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In addition to this being sweater season (yippee!), it's also coat and jacket season. You know what that means -- our favourite toppers get to come out and see the world again! So, let's take a look at the must have coats for fall.

Trench. I've found two trench coats to be the ideal. For the spring and early fall I wear a lighter one in a light caramel, and in winter, I have a beautiful navy wool one. The cut is perfect and the wide belt makes it dressy enough for night (with a fabulous scarf), but it can also be worn for day. I'll say it's probably my most versatile piece. Look for a style that hits just above or below the knee for a sophisticated look.

Leather jacket. Everyone needs a leather jacket in their closet. This is your go-to piece on the weekends, and in the colder months it can be layered under a great big scarf or another jacket. It's the very essence of cool. If you aren't into moto jackets, no problem. A structured blazer-style one will do as well. This is a style that seems to reinvent itself every year, so unless you are prepared to buy a new one every few months, look for a more classic cut that will last you over the course of many seasons.

Classic peacoat. Somehow this style always creeps into my wardrobe. Worn with a striped shirt and a cute hat (maybe a beret), it gives off that fabulous French vibe (think stylish, without even trying). It also goes with denim and skirts, which can make it your go-to everyday jacket. Think of it like a winter blazer. Part preppy, part urban chic, this coat be worn with a wide range of styles.

Rain coat. Maybe it's because I spent the past 14 years living in Vancouver, but a stylish rain coat is a must have in transition season. The one I'm currently loving is an all-white A-line with a hood (kind of like little red riding hood, but white). It's a classic shape that I can wear for years.

Over-sized or men's inspired coat. Sometimes you just want to throw on something big and comfy and this is that coat. Perfect for when you are wearing a streamlined outfit but need something a little more cozy. Given its vintage-y feel, I love this coat when it's paired with sneakers, brogues, or even with a sparkly retro brooche. This style also gives you the perfect excuse to play with beautiful fabrics like heritage tweeds, merino wool and cashmere.

Luxury coat. Faux fur, anyone? Okay, it can be any fabric you want, although I believe that every woman should have at least one glamorous coat. Hey, you never know when you'll have a date at the opera. Even if you don't, a faux fur will be fabulous with oversized sunnies and distressed denim. Another fabulous option would be to choose an intricate brocade with an extravagant faux fur collar.

Parka. This is a coat that not everyone will need, as it really depends on just how cold your winters get. I never had the need for one in Vancouver, but now I'm definitely glad to have one. When you are facing your third or fourth week of freezing temperatures and a wind that chills straight to the bone, you'll be happy to have made this investment.

Wild card. We should all reserve the right to own that one coat you purchased in a moment of weakness, just because you loved it. Think bright colours, asymmetrical cuts, or even an animal print. The key for this coat is to give you a striking silhouette. Whatever you choose, make sure you love it!

Of course, not everyone will need every coat on this list, but I find that having a few coats for specific occasions is very handy. It's all about having the right coats for your lifestyle, so that you'll never be left scrambling.


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