07/03/2015 07:20 EDT | Updated 07/03/2016 05:59 EDT

How to Wear Pink Lipstick This Summer

woman putting pink lipstick ...

We spend a lot of time philosophizing about the perfect red lips, but when the temperatures start to rise and there is no room for intensity in your life, why not go another route and opt for a pink? I'm a huge fan of sensual red lips, don't get me wrong some of my most prized lipsticks are red, but there are times when only a pink will do. The good news is that there is an abundance of beautiful and unique shades ranging from the barely there nude to the bold fruit punch inspired hues.

Pink is not just for little girls anymore. Although it still evokes cotton candy, summer days and everything that is pretty, these new grown up pinks are ultra feminine and wonderfully romantic. This is high impact statement that screams pretty.


Image by Caroline Topperman

I believe that every woman should own at least one beautiful pink lipstick in her makeup collection. It should be a shade that compliments her skin tone and blends beautifully with her personality. The simple beauty of pink is that it is the ideal blend of red and white. It carries the fierceness and strength of a sensuous and powerful crimson infused with the softening purity of white. Besides, there are a multitude of lovely shades which encompass pink.

For daytime, I love a bright happy fuchsia shade, and for the less adventurous why not try an easy sheer pink or even a gloss. Roses and mauves will offer a more muted look. Think about it like this, some of the best things in life are pink: bubble gum, summer sunsets, cotton candy, roses and watermelon.


Image by Caroline Topperman

Soft pinks are relatively easy to wear, but how about a hot pink? Here are some tips to looking fabulous with a bright pink pout:

  • A bright pink can highlight dry or chapped lips, so make sure to gently exfoliate them several times a week. Running your toothbrush gently over your lips should do the trick if you don't have an exfoliant on hand.

  • To avoid being overwhelmed by your lips build the colour gradually by blotting it on gently or using a lip brush. This will also help give you a more even look.

  • Regular makeup rules apply here so make sure you are keeping the focus on your beautiful pout by keeping the rest of your look to a minimum.

  • Look for shades that compliment your skin tone. Those with cool undertones should look for bluish shades, while those with warm undertones can opt for warmer shades.

  • Opt for a sheer shade if you feel the hot pink is just too much, after all you can always work your way up to a more opaque colour.

While a colour like red is bold and assertive, pink has a more soothing effect. There is a moment in the day, a few minutes right before dusk, when the sun has disappeared over the horizon and the sky is filled with the most amazing shades of pinks. Cinematographers call this the "magic hour." It is a moment in time when all shadows disappear and the world seems to glow with an inner light. Just like the "magic hour," a pink lip creates a soft, elegant and timeless effect.


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