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How To Take Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I am so ready for spring that I've already started updating my wardrobe. If I have to put on my black winter coat grey hat one more time, I feel like I might scream especially since the days have dissolved into a seemingly endless stream of bleakness. I'm actually not convinced that the sun still exists. So what to do? Well, I guess it's up to us to keep our spirits up and make our own sunshine.


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Bring on the colour. While I would never suggest that you actually ditch black or grey, this may be a good time to swap out some of the dark with a bright eye catching colour. Pull out that colourful sweater that has been gathering dust in your closet since last year. If you absolutely cannot let go of the blacks or greys then tie a bright scarf around your neck!

Bring on the prints. It seems as if spring brings a big bold pattern every year, so pick your favourite one and wear it. Graphic patterns are a great transition print and look amazing in black and white. Or if that feels like too much then opt for colour blocking.

Bring out the opaque tights. I'm not a huge fan of winter boots with a lightweight dress but I'm definitely a fan of pairing a fun floral one with a pair of opaque tights and ankle boots or heels. Try a grey pair of tights for a softer take on black.

Bring out your skin. During spring there will be days that are unusually warm, so don't be afraid to bare your legs, just balance out the look by layering up top.

Bring out the layers. Think cute skirt paired with a chunky knit or a maxi dress with a cropped sweater. For a more elegant look you can always wear a pleated skirt with pointy toe ankle boots and a long sleeved tee. In the cold winter months it's all about thick warm knits, but as the weather starts to heat up it's your perfect excuse to wear more form fitting clothing like a 3/4 sleeve cardigan over a tank.

Bring out the leather and denim jackets. Keeping layering in mind, why not swap out your winter coat for a great moto jacket and a large wrap or a faux fur stole. You'll be warm enough during the day and your winter coat will get a well deserved break.

Accessorize. If all else fails, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. A summery bag, think mint or pink, a lightweight silky scarf or even a pair of rose tinted sunnies will brighten your day.

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