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How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

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Sunnies are one of my favourite accessories. Not only do they protect our eyes from the sun, but they can also transform even the simplest of outfits. They can be glamorous, casual or even sporty chic. As with any accessory, the best fit comes down to proportions. Are you looking to streamline a wider forehead, or perhaps soften an angular jaw line? Choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses is no different than showing off a fabulous hat or picking the best shoes for your favourite outfit. If they don't fit then you'll always feel uncomfortable the good news is that there's always a style for everyone.


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Heart. If you have a narrow jaw with a wider forehead and high cheekbones, then you most likely have a heart shaped face. You can reach for a fabulous pair of cats-eye sunnies or any rounded style. Both of these add width to the bottom of your face, balancing it out. A super chic pair of aviators will always look great.

Round. If your jaw-line and forehead are proportionate, then it is likely that you have a round shaped face. Look for angular sunnies. Uber cool Wayfarer's were made for you. You can also opt for an over-sized pair for an extra glamorous look.

Square. A defined jawline and a broad forehead signify a square face shape. Elegant and stylish, think Angelina Jolie, round shapes are your sunglasses of choice.

Oval. Those with an oval shaped face are lucky as they can generally pull off most frame styles. Take a moment to experiment with the latest trends and you just might find the perfect frame for you.


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Now for the fun part, find out what your sunglasses say about you.

Round frames. If you reach for round frames, you love everything boho-chic. Flowers in your hair, florals and flowy fabrics are what you gravitate to. Late night campfires, beach parties and being surrounded by friends is how you love to live. Reminiscent of the 60s, try wearing these sunnies with a pretty floral dress and your favourite denim jacket or a military inspired coat for winter. This style will look best on those with a strong jaw line and a square face.

Sporty wraparound frames. If you reach for sporty wraparound frames, you crave adventure and cannot sit still for more than a few minutes. Sporty chic best describes your style. A pair of heels and sweats is something you wouldn't think twice about throwing on. Hi-tech fabrics, modern fabrics and the great outdoors get your juices flowing.

Classic frames. If you reach for classic shapes, you love old movies and timeless styles. A pair of black wayfarer's, a sophisticated little black dress and an afternoon spent shopping with girlfriends constitutes a perfect day. Those who prefer a tortoise shell cats-eye paired with an elegant silk scarf, can't think of a better afternoon than one spent people watching at their favourite cafe. There are many variants on this style, so any face shape can find their most flattering pair.

Aviators. If you reach for aviators, the jet set lifestyle is for you, complete with boarding a plane to unknown places. You are rarely without your beloved pencil skirts, white blouses and structured bags. Always elegantly coiffed, you ooze effortless style.

Oversized frames. If you can't live without oversized frames, glamorous and mysterious are words that describe you best. You belong on the streets of Paris and the beaches of LA. You cannot live without a great hat, but your style can't be pinned down because you love to keep people guessing about who you really are.


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Whichever pair you choose, remember to look for sunglasses which protect your eyes from both UVB and UVA rays. Although they are a great accessory, they also serve a very real purpose. What I love most about sunnies is that they provide some mystery, as the lenses often display a reflection of the wearer's surroundings, rather than a glimpse into their eyes.


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