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Modern Weddings Are Breaking All the Rules


From parking lots to pizza parlours to art galleries, Toronto wedding venues are as unique as the couples getting married in them.

The rules are changing and newly-engaged couples are leading the charge. No longer are couples held hostage by their parents who traditionally would be paying for the wedding. They are taking on the expense themselves, so as the hosts they are free to create a celebration that is fully their own.

This is a very exciting time in the wedding industry as couples challenge their suppliers to think outside-of-the-box, they want to collaborate to create an event that incorporates all that they love: their families, friends, and for some, their children.


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It is wonderful to see couples hosting celebrations that reveal a surprise around every corner, while incorporating many generations, all with respect and love. This will be a day that not only they will remember forever, but also their guests will be talking about for years to come!

So when a couple comes to our show, or asks a question on our blog looking for ways to make their event special, I always tell them to them to start with something simple. Where do you like to go as a couple, what do you like to do? Look for the little things that interest you and use that as your base. For example:

• Why not hire the florist whose studio is around the corner from your house?

• Order custom invitations with illustrations you have done yourselves.

• Have the caterer create a menu made up of your favourite in-season dishes.

• The cake can be a tower of donuts, or homemade by a loved one, and once the deejay has kept you dancing for a few hours, a food-truck can arrive with the late night snack of burgers and poutine.

Free of rules, the modern urban wedding can perfectly reflect everything a couple loves. We are showcasing some of the best and most unique wedding professionals Toronto has to offer. Creative and versatile, our exhibitors will help Toronto's urban couples create an extraordinary celebration that perfectly reflects their love for one another.

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