06/18/2013 12:09 EDT | Updated 08/18/2013 05:12 EDT

10 Reasons to Drink More Green Smoothies

10 Reasons to Drink More Green Smoothies

Whether you drink your kale with a side of spinach and sprouts, or mask the grassy goodness with mango and sweet summer berries, green smoothies are leading the way to optimal health. Here are ten of my favourite reasons to enjoy at least one glorious green smoothie a day.

1. Green smoothies are packed full of vitamins and nutrients. That gorgeous green hue is derived from luscious leafy greens like kale, spinach and chard, which are nutrient dense, full of fiber, iron, calcium and protein.

2. Green smoothies are a simple solution for increasing your intake of veggies; just blend your way to the 7 - 10 recommended daily servings! Toss spinach, pear, apple, banana, lemon juice, cinnamon, and coconut water in a blender, and see how effortless it is to enjoy 4 servings of fruit and vegetables at once. Add an extra cup of greens (1 cup of spinach = 1 serving of veg.) and top up your total!

3. Green smoothies are anti-inflammatory. Increasing your intake of anti-inflammatory foods is good for your health. Foods that are processed and high in saturated fats lead to inflammation, cancers, and other, stress related diseases. Dark leafy greens have the reverse effect, so in essence the more kale we consume the healthier we become. Throw a couple of handfuls in a blender with a banana, some berries, and almond milk, and drink your way to a better quality of life.

4. Green Smoothies are high in antioxidants. Dark leafy greens help us to stay healthy by boosting our immunity, helping us fight disease, and clearing out toxins. Try a green smoothie to help cure a hangover, or to aid in flushing out a cold.

5. The cleansing properties in green smoothies are naturally beautifying, resulting in clearer skin, and shinier, healthier hair and nails. When our diet is lacking it shows on the outside, similarly when we're eating (or drinking!) our greens we're rewarded with a healthy luminous glow.

6. There are endless options for green smoothie recipes. Tart and tangy or sweet and silky, the sky's the limit when it comes to ingredient combinations and flavour possibilities. Adding coconut water or non-dairy milk to your greens makes for a great base, then its time to let your creativity (or the contents of your kitchen!) guide you.

7. A green smoothie is a perfect pick-me-up, and can be more energizing than a cup of coffee. Hitting that afternoon slump? Avoid coffee's notorious caffeine crash, and let your body benefit from the nourishment of a green smoothie instead.

8. Blending your green smoothies in advance is a great way to eat healthfully on the go. Refrigerate a batch in reusable glass bottles overnight, or blend in the a.m for an instant afternoon energy boost.

9. Green smoothies are an efficient way to use every last leaf in your crisper. No more wilting, and no more waste, means your money is being better spent, and your diet is benefiting from all those trips to the farmer's market!

10. Green smoothies are suitable for everyone from babies to Grannies; next time you're whipping up some green goodness, make a little extra for someone you love!

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