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10 Struggles All Online Entrepreneurs Can Relate To

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Working from home in your pajamas sounds like a dream, right? No commute, no boss breathing down your neck -- who wouldn't want that!

As the owner of an online business for the past two years, I remember the grind of the corporate world well. I am immensely grateful to now have control over my schedule and work where I want, when I want. Freedom is one of my top values and I truly appreciate having the power to choose my schedule and work location.

That all being said, there are some quirks to this lifestyle and that's what I'm covering right here. If you're an online entrepreneur -- or if you work from home on the regular -- this will be right up your street.

You know every coffee shop within a 5-kilometre radius

Working from home is awesome, but you go a little stir crazy every once in a while and want to work in a new locale. Besides, it looks so fun when you see your business pals posting about it on Instagram, right? Yet in reality, you've tried every coffee shop in your city and still haven't found one where you can be as productive as you are at home. True story.

You have a really good relationship with your neighbour

"Oh hi, neighbour! Really, is that so? Why don't you tell me more!" You are genuinely excited to see the folks next door and chat about... well, anything really. The chance to step away from your MacBook and have an in-person chat is way too good pass up.

You've taken client calls in bed. On audio.

Truth be told, there have been times when you've been sick, under the weather or just plain tired, and you've taken calls from bed under the guise of being "on the move," hence the noticeable absence of video. The real deal? You were legit in bed. Which brings me to our next point.

You've made money from bed (not like that)

Someone bought your course, and the PayPal notification popped up while you were lying down. Yup -- you literally just made money from bed. After momentarily likening yourself to a lady of the night, the feeling passes and you realize how freaking awesome it is owning and running an online business. Passive income FTW!

'What's your WiFi password?' is your mantra

Owning an online business means you really can work from anywhere. Anywhere that has high speed WiFi, that is. Asking for a friend or family member's WiFi password is second nature now and you swear you utter the phrase as often as you breathe. And you love your family, but -- man their WiFi is slow. Seven hours to upload a video? The struggle is indeed real.

You have no idea what the weather's like today

There have been times when you've spoken to your friend on the phone and she's remarked how hot it is outside today. You wait for enough information from her to realize you can vehemently concur, despite the fact you haven't seen daylight this side of the July 4 long weekend.

You walk around the block to see fellow humans

It's not unheard of for you to take a walk around the block for "fresh air" for the sole purpose of seeing other homosapians. You don't need anything from the store, you don't particularly want a take-out coffee. But you did say hello to every human you encountered, and you petted a dog. And now your disposition is decidedly sunnier!

You could describe every inch of your house

Working from home means you live AND work within the four walls of your house. You could close your eyes and recount every detail -- every wall, hook and crevice. And you're acutely aware that book has been sat on the end table for a week. You will get to reading it one of these days.

You can be found in yoga pants on Fridays

There is many a day when you DO dress up for work -- you know from experience the work-in-your-PJs novelty wore off about two weeks in, and you DO wear smart boss lady clothes to your home office. But as the week rolls on you feel tired and there are your "F*ck it days" where you have a clear calendar and you use the opportunity to slip on yoga pants, a plain T-shirt and tie back your hair. Because even though you no longer work in an office, you deserve Casual Fridays too, right?

Your family and friends legitimately have no idea what you do

"Hey Cheryl, how's it going with... what do you do again?" Your family and friends really don't understand how you make money, but they are happy and content and can see you're getting by just fine. And explaining your vocation to new people is always an adventure, "Oh an online business? So you just play on Facebook all day?" No, I don't. It's all business. Well, OK, that cat video wasn't. But it's aligned with my personal brand, you know?

All joking aside, running an online business gives immense freedom and all of these small nuances do nothing to deter the sincere amount of gratitude I personally hold for having these endless options open to me.

And I swear, I'm typing this while wearing a really smart outfit, not yoga pants. But you're just gonna have to take my word for it.

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