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1 Dress, 4 Outfits


Every woman has at least one classic dress in her wardrobe whether it's black, white, cream, brown, purple, or any other colour under the rainbow.

A classic dress doesn't automatically mean a LBD. Instead, a classic dress is defined by the simple lines that are in it. There aren't many details.

Clients often ask me how to create different looks using pieces in their wardrobes. Here are a few examples (above) to show how you can change the look of a dress for multiple occasions using accessories.

When doing so, try to keep in mind the following:

1) Stick with one metallic shade. While we all love gold and silver, it's easier to put together an outfit when sticking with one metallic only. If you're looking to spice it up a bit, have jewel tones in the jewellery you're wearing.

2) Don't be afraid of prints. Many women often tell me they are uncomfortable wearing multiple prints at a time. Not to worry -- with something classic, often one funky print is all you'll need to pump up an outfit. Try it in a scarf or belt to start small.

3) Get bold with jewellery. Statement pieces can really change what you are saying about yourself in an outfit. Have fun expressing yourself in various pieces -- there are so many selections to choose from.

4) Play with colour. Don't constantly get stuck in the rut of only wearing neutrals. Change it up by having an outfit with an assortment of colours in it. You'll be happy you did!

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