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Getting To Know 4KORNERS: Toronto Raptors' Resident DJ


Kirk St. Cyr is the artist known as 4Korners, based in Toronto and regarded by many as one of Canada's Top DJs of the international club scene. He is also the official DJ of the NBA's Toronto Raptors -- playing to 20,000 people at every home game for the last 11 seasons. Need more? He was also the 2016 NBA All Star Game DJ.

In a recent Q&A 4Korners shares his love for basketball, his work as a celebrity DJ and how he maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Q: Why do you call yourself 4Korners?

A: People always ask me why I named myself 4KORNERS, usually wondering why there aren't four members in an act named 4KORNERS. Ironically, there used to be but over the years things change, and honestly this business isn't for everyone long term. The main reason though, is that I've always wanted to travel and I figured by naming myself 4KORNERS, as in the 4 KORNERS of the earth, it would be a constant reminder of my goal. Speaking things into existence, you know?

Q: What can your audience expect from your performance as a DJ for the Raptors?

A: At Raptors games, people expect to have a great time. And who doesn't love music? It's my job to deliver that vibe, that energy and get everyone pumped up even at times when we may not be doing well. Fortunately our team has been killing it these days, so my job is extra easy and fun. At my shows, I carry over that same energy but to an even higher level because I'm who they came to see. And now 11 seasons later here I am.

Q: How important is nutrition and exercise to your image and to keep a high energy show?

A: Nutrition, exercise and image are super important to what I do. First off I'm a performer. I gotta look good! And definitely staying fit and eating healthy keeps my energy up for my shows. I notice a big difference when I'm not eating right. I hate feeling sluggish so I do my best to eat right.

Q: Do you love basketball?

A: I'm absolutely in love with the game of basketball. I've played all my life, even now. There was a time when I was hoping to make it to the NBA. I went to basketball camps and all. But it wasn't in the cards for me to make it that way, and now I'm in the NBA in another way. It's funny how things work themselves out.

Q: How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while travelling? What is your favourite meal?

A: The best ways for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on tour is eating right and naps! Lots of naps, lol. I've been eating a lot of grilled chicken salads lately. Every restaurant has at least one option for that and they're light but still fulfilling.

Q: How much of what you do is from memory and how much is instinct?

A: Between memory and instinct, I'd say what I do is 50/50. The basics are all memory. But once you've got it down, it's down. The rest is all instinct. I've been performing for so long that I do things without even thinking.

Q: What was it like to be the DJ for the 2016 NBA all-star game and which celebrity did you enjoy meeting?

A: Performing at the NBA All Star Game was definitely a career highlight. Honestly, wow! I can't even explain in words how amazing that was. That entire week I played huge and awesome events all over the city, and capped it all off by playing the actual game. I'm still kind of mind blown thinking back. As for celebrities, I didn't really meet anyone that made me turn into a "fan boy" or anything, haha. But it was really cool to have so many people from all worlds of entertainment in our city at once. It was an unforgettable week.

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