07/03/2012 07:57 EDT | Updated 08/06/2014 10:59 EDT

Does Harper Love the Queen More Than His Country?

When Prime Minister Stephen Harper was elected as a majority leader in 2011, the electorate did not realize that he would drag us back to the old colonial mode of existing as a British colony in adoration of the Queen. We could easily imagine such an agenda from a former officer of our Armed Forces but from a full civilian bureaucrat, moreover an economist, never!

Very surprisingly, as far as we know, he did not spend a day as a member of our Armed Forces or risk his life to the Queen's service as a law enforcement officer. Therefore, why such a dedication to the Queen that he neglected to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Does he despise so much our Constitution and the law generally? Therefore, is there an issue between Stephen Harper and our identity as Canadians?

Obviously, he's nudging us to believe so. Why such a display of celebrations and gifts to bring Canada back to the status of a colony, long before the 1982 Constitution repatriation, and by erasing the Pearson-Trudeau Heritage of tolerance, peace, openness and international law abiding?

Recent allegations of torture, threat to withdraw from the United Nations, the abandonment of Canadian citizens detained in foreign countries, legally or not, and numerous expulsions of refugees reveals the real face of this so-called conservative government strictly oriented and dedicated to business people and money. Obviously, Harper left no space for human rights, multiculturalism and tolerance.

Under the false pretense of creating jobs, that government created in fact thousands of new unemployed citizens and transferred to provinces the burden of a sudden poverty. What are the real numbers of unemployed in this country? I dare anyone to find out.

But our question remains unanswered. Why such a sudden attachment to the Queen? To please Ontarians and gain seats in Ontario? Or is it just pure opportunism and hypocrisy?

However, the reaction of Quebecers to the Conservative leadership was unexpected: the prospect of Quebec separation and the break-up of Canada are looming again. Was it unexpected? Not so sure. Running the country without taking into account the opposition and the provinces has its price. Harper should have known that but he didn't care. Taking into account other opinions must transpire throughout amendments to contended Bills that will change our way of governing.

Now, that a constitutional crisis is in the making, despite the indifference of Canadians to the national unity issue, the business community gets nervous again and for reasons. The dollar and trade agreements are at stake and ultimately, jobs!

After all, was Harper wrong from the very beginning? The Queen as a unifying symbol did not work, even for Ontarians. He should have asked any middle class Canadian before undertaking such a marketing venture.

At the end, we are back to square one with unsolved constitutional issues but this, nobody except the business elite, gives a damn. The break-up of Canada has a chance! It's sad for a country that was promising. Thanks to Harper.