02/24/2014 04:45 EST | Updated 04/26/2014 05:59 EDT

The Walter Scott Centre

Today I am announcing the launch of the Walter Scott Centre, a Saskatchewan focused think tank named after our first premier.

Today I am announcing the launch of the Walter Scott Centre, a Saskatchewan focused think tank named after our first premier.

Walter Scott became Saskatchewan's first premier in 1905 after running on a platform of progress and prosperity for the province, predicting that Saskatchewan would become Canada's 'banner province'.

Walter Scott's premiership oversaw Saskatchewan's substantial growth and established the foundations of our province - our capital city, our Legislature, municipalities, highways, schools and universities.

Today, Saskatchewan leads the country. Our province is Canada's 'banner province'.

The Walter Scott Centre is dedicated to continuing the progress and prosperity of Saskatchewan that Walter Scott ran on through policy research and public campaigns.

Our goal is to ensure that the citizens of Saskatchewan are fully informed on policies and political activity affecting our province.

We believe in personal liberty, fiscal responsibility, free markets, environmental stewardship, transparent government, democratic participation and innovation in provincial public policy.

Initially, we will focus on three policy areas: economic policy, digital economy and open data, and provincial infrastructure.

On economic policy we support sustaining and diversifying Saskatchewan's economic growth, creating jobs, and lowering taxes for Saskatchewanians.

Diversifying Saskatchewan's economy will mean turning to new avenues.

On digital economy and open data we will encourage businesses and government to adopt digital technologies, support digital skills development, and ensure that Saskatchewanians can access information about their government's actions in an expansive and timely manner.

On infrastructure issues we support improving Saskatchewan's roads, highways, and transportation infrastructure as well as ensuring workplace safety for all Saskatchewan workers.

We are launching the Walter Scott Centre to put forward policies like these to the Saskatchewan citizenry. Policies that adhere to our principles without the political considerations our parties factor into their decisions.

When it comes to provincial policy our political parties cannot do it all.

We will set reasonable, achievable policy goals put forward to the public in simple, straightforward language.

We seek to collaborate with all political actors in the province, in accordance with our founding principles, to continue our province's prosperity and ensure that Saskatchewan continues to lead the national conversation.

With your support, we can make that happen.

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