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Five Shortcuts for Finding True Love

We live in a fast-paced world, so who doesn't love a good shortcut? Especially if it helps you find true love.

If you're a woman reading this, by extension the most important thing to you in life, is love.

So please, take these 5 shortcuts to heart. Embody them. Live them every single day. Because if you do, you're destined to not only meet "the one" you're guaranteed to keep "the one" too!

5. Be Down to Earth

Ask any happily coupled man why he loves his woman and the first thing he'll tell you is "it's because she's SO down to earth." As much as you might think that men only care about your looks, the truth is, a man loves a woman who lets him be "him." Here's a tip: If you feel the need to change the man you're dating, chances are good he's not the "right" man for you.

4. Be Happy

Boys love to have fun. That's what Child Development textbooks will teach you. And whether it's nature or nurture that makes boys more prone to play doesn't really matter. The reality is, boys (and men) are hard-wired to have light-hearted, good-natured fun. If you want to capture a man's heart -- be happy -- because by extension you'll also be fun! Here's a tip: This isn't something you can fake. It's not dependent on the circumstances of your life. Happiness can only come from "within."

3. Be Yourself

Sounds simple enough, but there are so many ways that women get this one wrong. And it's no wonder because if a woman's top priority is love, her number one concern is "fitting in." But when it comes to finding a life partner, fitting-in is the absolute worst thing you can do. It's the number one reason a single woman will say "I really lost myself in that relationship." Here's a tip: Being yourself comes naturally when you take the time to question all of your beliefs about the world. Ask yourself "Whose voice is that?" and "Does it serve me, or hurt me, to think that way?"

2. Be Receptive

Another great quality about great men is that they love to give to their woman. Whether this inherent pleasure men get from giving comes from our hunter-gather days or not is inconsequential. What's important for you is being open to receive what your man gives. Here's a tip: Being an independent woman is fantastic, but be sure you leave room for your man to do at least a few things for you. The rush of dopamine he'll get from giving will instantly make you deliriously desirable.

1. Believe

Finally, make sure you believe in a world where all the good men are available. Believe in the idea that you deserve a good man. And believe that the perfect-for-you man is out there, ready, willing and looking to find you.

Wishing you all the best.

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