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12 Ways To Style Your Home Like A Celebrity

With the Toronto International Film Festival almost upon us (the glamour shuttle touches down this Thursday), we're reprising our roles -- for the sixth consecutive year -- as special celebrity correspondents for Citytv.

Yup, we're swapping hall carpets for red carpets, mic's in hand, to broadcast during BT, CityNews and Entertainment City. You may recall previous interviews with George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and a host of silver screen luminaries such as Christopher Walken and 'Her (very nearly) Royal Highness' Dame Helen Mirren. Oh, and a certain Mr. Channing Tatum, who we diligently persuaded to speak in a thick, Scottish brogue. As you do...

But haven't we forgotten somebody? Ah yes; Madonna. The golden-haired, gap-toothed goddess took time to chat while running her manicured hands through our furry Scottish sporrans. For the record, post kilted interview, we secreted our Ciccone fondled fun bags in hermetically sealed boxes to protect the famous DNA they by that point contained. We're thinking eBay at a later stage.

In the meantime, the atmosphere in Toronto is tangible as the city prepares, once again, to become part of the movie industry's global marketing campaign. We'll be amplifying our own fun factor as the next batch of red carpets are lovingly arranged at theatres across the city. Highlights for 2016 include Leonardo DiCaprio, designer and director Tom Ford as well as Natalie Portman, Scott Eastwood, Lily Rose Depp and Richard Gere. So tune in and share our excitement!

But until the party kicks off, let's get back to décor. Being designers and film enthusiasts puts us in a strong position to help transform your home from, ahem, "Z List" to "A List." This in mind, sit back and enjoy our twelve point guide. Studied carefully, it'll help you become a veritable Oscar winner in the home style stakes...

Colin and Justin's Hollywood Home Style 101

1. Make a grand entrance; flank your front door with topiary bushes and ensure your hallway is as welcoming and bright as possible.

2. Develop a sense of wide-open space with a predominantly almond palette. And hang outsize black and white photography to set the scene. LA decorators have been painting the foothills using this decorative missive since the early 1920s.

3. If you fancy even more drama, try grey tone painted paneling to add an air of cinematic verve. But it needn't cost a fortune -- be inspired by one of today's photographs (our own Glasgow drawing room) and put it together with mitre cut picture rail and MDF from Home Depot. A slick of Benjamin Moore Ashland Slate 1608 will complete the picture.

4. Be inspired by the pleated lines of a Rita Hayworth frock: detail your windows with tall, pinch topped drapery in smoke grey linen or creamy velvet.

5. Chandeliers are SO Los Angeles, darling. This in mind, opt for as much sparkle as your ceiling can support. Visit and prepare to be seriously illuminated.

6. Pile your coffee table with art, fashion, travel and film books, all the time channeling the spirits of Tom Ford, Barbra Barry and Markus And Indrani. If you want even more inspiration, grab a copy of Paul R. Williams: Classic Hollywood Style and prepare to weep.

7. Add flowers, loads of 'em, like curtain-call bouquets for leading ladies. Stuff cut-crystal vases with plump lilies, delicate orchids and aromatic white roses. The flower stores at Avenue and Davenport, Toronto, have EVERYTHING you'll ever need.

8. Cocktail carts are a must. Dream of Cary Grant in "That Touch Of Mink" as he fixes a stiff drink and pours it over the rocks. Opt for shiny metal finishes and load with decanters and sparkling glassware. Homesense ( currently have bamboo drink trollies and to die for cut crystal, all at affordable price points.

9. Create an "achievement wall" -- sure you mightn't have a cabinet bursting with Oscars, but you (and your family) may have university degrees, sports awards or paraphernalia that recalls an honour. So frame and arrange them and let the feel good factor resonate throughout your home.

10. Detail your windows with tall, pinch topped drapery in smoke grey linen or creamy velvet.

11. Dressing rooms (or, if stuck for space, dressing tables) are critical. Well lit and well stocked, they're the perfect place to get red carpet ready as the part season dawns. And don't forget the mirror; preferably something Venetian, three sided, or with Art Deco lines.

12. Finally -- learn to "seasonally adjust" rooms: create neutral backdrops and switch everything up with accessories to keep your home permanently Architectural Digest ready. Got it? Thank goodness, 'cos the clock is tiffing. Sorry, "ticking"...

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from the 8th to the 18th September. You'll find our coverage on City TV and online

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