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Colin And Justin's Bedroom Showdown

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Excuse us: for the first time ever we've been at war during one of our own TV series. As you'll see on Sunday's Cabin Pressure, our long suffering director Marshall twisted our arm into a full on C&J competition, that being to fashion one guest bedroom per designer. Crucially, neither of us would be privy to the other's plan. But which do you prefer?

First order of business? The brick faced bedroom that started off as a mid blue guest space. In order to conceal the required pipework for a log burning stove in the living room next , we had to build what looks like a chimney breast, using 2"x2" lumber and drywall. Find a fault, make a feature? It's what we do best.

In an attempt to create visual texture, we faced the elevation with 'veneers' by Thames Valley Brick ( Essentially real 'slivers' of traditional building blocks, they were installed, using mortar, in a matter of hours.

Into each side we fitted floating live edged shelves which provide useful surfaces upon which is displayed a host of goodies found in garage sales and Toronto's St Lawrence Market, the latter being our source point for the cute wee farm bench which skinned us less than a hundred dollars.

Opposite, sits a bed which we located at Artemano Constructed using timbers salvaged from decommissioned fishing boats, we love its rectilinear metal-framed form. Dressed with bedding and a faux fur throw from our own line ('Colin and Justin Home' available in stores like Homesense and Marshalls) it's a comfy spot with luxe appeal. And a great place, we're sure, for our renters to kick back and relax after a busy day on the dock.

And, talking of the dock, what d'you make of our naïve stag art piece? Believe it or not it started life as boards salvaged when our derelict dock was dragged from the lake to make way for our brand new floating platform. We battened a few of the non rotten boards together, wired them at the back for easy hanging and then painted a free hand deer head using regular latex. Simple, right?

After careful debate, it was decided that the second bedroom should have mid century allusions, typical of so many old school beadboard walled 'previous era' cottages. Our 'updated' panels are beautiful 100% Western Red Cedar, the same genus used on many other surfaces in our cottage project such as ceilings, the dock and even our deck. Wood detailing in both bedrooms is further enhanced by Kentwood Metro flooring, a product that will amply cope with the rough and tumble of cottage life. Our best advice with any flooring project is 'invest in the best you can afford': don't cut corners on quality or it'll come back to haunt you. A floor, after all, should be reliable enough to last for years and years. So get it right first time!

The nightstands - and tall matching dresser - are from Casalife whilst the bedframe (complete with black leather headboard) is from Ikea. Detailed with Canadian pillows, the project is dramatically anchored by a HUGE moose head. But worry not: animal lovers will be glad to learn it's entirely faux, from Urban Barn, and fashioned from cast resin.

To embrace the stunning lake and forest sightlines, both bedrooms feature jet framed glazing by Euro Vinyl Windows and Doors and these are dressed, to assure privacy as required, with wood look Venetians. Cooling, in both rooms, comes courtesy of Fan Shoppe fans whizzing silently above.

Keeping everything streamlined was important: you'll notice a distinct absence of curtain fabric, billowing in the way of our newly tailored aesthetic.

And how about clothes storage? Well, the room being too tight for a regular wardrobe, we hung budget wire shelving which, whilst originally white, we carefully sprayed black. Together with a combo of hooks, and of course the tall dresser, there's ample storage for even the most clothes encumbered visitor.

We hope you'll tune in on Sunday, and see both these rooms birthing during the info packed episode. At that point, we imagine, you'll decide which you like better. And indeed which of us designed which! You'll notice we haven't released that nugget of info in this editorial. It's a fun episode with more than its fair share of designer drama!

'Cabin Pressure' airs on Cottage Life at 9pm Sundays. The network is currently in free preview.

Colin and Justin are judges on Game of Homes, Tuesdays, 10pm, W Network.

Colin's starting point - a clean sweep?


What a horny beast...


The city heads north - Ikea and Casalife furniture sandwiched in real cedar


Justin's starting point - a big bed, but not at lot more...


Some timber from our old dock is cut down and painted to create free wall art


All in all, its just another brick in the wall...


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