01/23/2013 03:49 EST | Updated 03/25/2013 05:12 EDT

Oprah In Vancouver: Good, Bad, Ugly Confessions

FILE-In this Friday, March 9, 2012, file photo, Oprah Winfrey accepts her DVF Lifetime Leadership Award at The Third Annual DVF Awards held at the United Nations in New York. Winfrey, 58, has a net worth of $2.7 billion, and is ranked No. 151 on Forbes' 2012 400 list. The nation’s only African-American billionaire, Oprah Winfrey came from meager beginnings to build a television empire with massive influence on what people around the globe read, eat and think. (AP Photo/Charles Sykes, File)

I love that Oprah Winfrey has lived the life of a pauper, a prince and a prophet. I admire that, against all odds, Oprah has influenced pop culture while inspiring millions of people around the world to develop, believe and understand the power of their own present.

My Oprah confession: I would do anything for a chance to meet her. I'd wear a Tina Turner wig for a year, I'd eat a 67-pound wagon worth of fat, or I'd quit my radio job hosting PEAK Mornings for a chance to ugly cry in front of my television hero: Oprah Winfrey.

I found out Vancouver's Oprah Confessions were a little different: some good, some bad, and some ugly. For a week, 102.7 The Peak gave away tickets to "An Inspirational Evening with Oprah Winfrey" in exchange for listeners' Oprah Confessions.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • "I love Oprah so much that I name every inanimate item (my car, bike, coffee machine, etc.) Gayle." — Tessa, Vancouver
  • "I confess that I think Oprah is totally overrated but my stepmom loves her and I need the brownie points!" — Victoria, Vancouver
  • "When I was a little girl in 1987, my Mom and I watched Oprah every day after school. I loved Oprah so much (she was my idol) that for Halloween this little freckled red head demanded my Mom dress me up like my Oprah. My Mom tried so hard to talk me out of it but I insisted - so she teased my red curls as big as she could and tried her best to cover my freckles, gave me long drop earning, shoulder pads but to my disappointment I looked nothing like Oprah. Near tears I convinced her to put some dark paint on my face (I know...I know..I was 8!!!). For me that did the trick and I happily headed out to trick or treat with the neighbourhood kids with only a couple of strange looks from the neighbours." — Shannon, Port Moody
  • "My fondest Oprah moments were watching with my Grandma (who wouldn't miss a show) - laughing, sometimes crying, and usually folding laundry. My grandma, still to this day, doesn't wear earrings because someone 20 years ago on the Oprah show said you shouldn't, if you wear glasses... this trend stubbornly continues with her hair style and clothing choices. Similar to the talk show legend, my Grandmother has been through a series of immense hardships in her life and continues to give the world to her family and friends. If we could share this with her it would be giving back to someone who has given so much in her life." — Sarah, Vancouver
  • "Pickle brine is my all-time favourite beverage. I'd rather win a jar of pickle brine than go to Oprah's show." — Serisa, Vancouver
  • "There is no one on the planet I loathe more than Oprah Winfrey. Some might be appalled by that but I don't care. I am a proud Oprah hater!! However, my sweet mother loves Oprah and she would LOVE me forever if I won some tickets for her. I am also very poor and can't afford them. Although few can - have you seen the prices? Only Oprah herself might be able to afford to go!! Pretty please with sugar on top? I would be willing to sit through Oprah Winfrey for my momma. If that's not love then I surely don't know what love is." — Rae-Ann, Vancouver
  • "I'm winning these for my mom because she loves Oprah. In fact, one year, at Christmas dinner, in the folly of my youth, I mocked Oprah. You know what my mom did? My mom, being the fan that she is, asked me to go home. That's right. She kicked her own daughter out on Christmas, for Oprah. That's how big of a fan she is. The biggest secret of all is, now that I'm older, I'm kind of a fan myself. But don't tell my mom that. She's already right about too many things." — Joanna, Vancouver

Oprah Winfrey visits Vancouver Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 at Rogers Arena.

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