07/29/2013 05:42 EDT | Updated 09/28/2013 05:12 EDT

WATCH: 12-Year-Old Girl Plans to Be Prime Minister Someday

PM Stephen Harper/Flikr

Summer vacation is well underway, and off-duty students across the country are looking for "something to do."

Well, why not become Prime Minister of Canada? At the very least, practice your campaign speech, like We Day favourite -- and future prime minister -- Sydney Brouillard-Coyle.

The 12-year-old from Essex, Ont. has a plan to take over 24 Sussex Drive in 40 years.

Don't assume that a tween with political ambition and global vision is an oddity, either -- Sydney got a standing ovation from the 18,000 young people in attendance.

In fact, the pillar of her platform is investing in the talents and ambitions of young people in order to provoke positive social change.

"Youth can't be "pushed aside," she says. They have to find "their spark," their motivation to make the world better.

"Children are not just the future. They are the present, too."

Wise words from one future Prime Minister of Canada.

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