04/23/2013 12:11 EDT | Updated 06/23/2013 05:12 EDT

Trudeau Needs To Do Better Than This

Justin Trudeau needs to fire his public relations team.

Either that, or perhaps the Conservative Party truth ads were entirely correct in depicting Trudeau as being completely devoid of the experience, knowledge, and judgment required of a potential Prime Minister.

Both are probably correct.

It came as no surprise when Trudeau was elected -- nay, anointed -- on Sunday, following a campaign which held Trudeau as the front-runner throughout.

It was also no surprise when the Conservative Party released their first round of ads highlighting Trudeau's lack of experience and judgment shortly following his election.

I call them "truth ads" because that's what they are. They're not "American-style attack ads" where the challenger accuses the incumbent of favouring child molesters and murderers.

Those "American-style attack ads" inexplicably bend the truth into something entirely false, or something entirely unrecognizable and uncontextualized.

But then there are the Conservative Party's truth ads. These are videos depicting Trudeau stripping and suggesting that Quebec should become its own country, with the clear implication that these are not activities or words of a potential Prime Minister.

Was Trudeau's striptease for cancer fundraising? Yes. But, as the Liberals have been quick to point out, Laureen Harper and Labour Minister Lisa Raitt were there too. What the Liberals seem to miss is that both Harper and Raitt seemed able to raise money without taking their clothes off.

Even Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella admits the image of a potential Prime Minister "cavorting like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike" does not bode well for voters.

The week didn't get any better for Trudeau.

On Wednesday he attempted to rationalize the Boston marathon bombings, stating he hoped to find the "root cause" of the bombings, hoping to understand why the bombers felt "excluded" from society. It didn't take long for pretty much every news agency to jump at Trudeau's gaffe: people were dead and injured from an act of terrorism, and Trudeau wants to talk to them about their feelings?

Also on Wednesday, it was revealed that despite years of arguing against the Temporary Foreign Worker program, Trudeau himself petitioned for temporary foreign workers in his Quebec riding.

The letter, written in April 2009, asked for temporary foreign workers from China because a restaurant was renovating and reorganizing its menu, (apparently) requiring "experienced and innovative refined cuisine chefs" that could not be found anywhere else but China.

Keep in mind this was only Wednesday -- a mere 72 hours since Trudeau was crowned Liberal leader, and he had already made more gaffes and mistakes than anyone in Harper's or Mulcair's offices would ever dream of making.

We saw Trudeau attempt to regain some credibility by celebrating the anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms -- ahem, of course, by staying out of his father's shadow.

But the damage was done. Trudeau's inexperience coupled with the Liberals' belief that he's the next Messiah (seriously, his website has a young Liberal professing her belief that Trudeau is just as important as Jesus) could not be saved by invoking the name of Justin Trudeau's father.

"Doesn't have the judgment or experience to be Prime Minister" could not have rung clearer in Trudeau's first week as Liberal leader.

Originally published for the Prince Arthur Herald

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