09/17/2011 06:18 EDT | Updated 11/17/2011 05:12 EST

Sunday Roundup


Ontario political parties continued to duke it out while Torontonians elbowed each other to glimpse the stars who descended upon TIFF.

HuffPost Canada readers were treated to the continuing commentary of our daily star election debate panel, while also enjoying our red carpet coverage of the festival, including an exclusive interview with Megan Fox (who confessed her love for Shia LaBeouf).

Michael Lewis, author of the book based on the movie Moneyball, lashed back at critics of his movie, and posted a video with Ryan Gosling.

Meanwhile, our team interviewed actor J.B. Smoove, spoke with George Clooney about the buzz surrounding his new films, and sat down with the stars of Martha Marcy May Marlene -- an upcoming indie that's getting mainstream attention.

My personal favorite observations upon the whole TIFF party scene came from our own associate editor Jacqueline Delange, who attended one of the so-called glamorous after-parties and came away feeling like, well, Cinderella who didn't get the chance to dance with the prince.

The highlight of my week, however, was attending the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center's luncheon. Laureen Harper was awarded the group's annual "Woman of Valor" award. The shy-in-public-but-not-in-private prime minister's wife received a moving tribute for her many charitable works: She serves as the Honorary Chair of Canadian Red Cross Tiffany Circle (for women's health issues), is Patron of the Military Families Fund, and is also a long-time supporter of Run for the Cure in support of breast cancer research. As well, Mrs. Harper, a huge animal lover, has turned 24 Sussex into something of a stray cat refuge (I'm only semi-joking). The luncheon, co-chaired by my gracious and indefatigable sister-in-law, Senator Linda Frum and her husband, Howard Sokolowski, featured an extraordinary speech by the brave activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali about the repression of rights of women by militant Islam.

If that were not enough prominent and remarkable women for one week, HuffPost Supremette Arianna descended upon Montreal for an annual digital media conference.

She told -- warned? -- Canadian media companies that they should not treat their digital platforms as "step-children" to their print products. She also hinted that a francophone HuffPost could be in the works.