11/19/2011 06:10 EST | Updated 01/20/2012 05:12 EST

Sunday Roundup: #Oops!


Politicians: They're just like us! They eat breakfast. They go to the supermarket. And they do really stupid things on social media. NDP MP Pat Martin learned the lesson of 14-year-olds everywhere about what they shouldn't post on Twitter. The member for Winnipeg Centre lost it and dropped the F-bomb in describing his reaction to a Tory decision to end a debate on a budget bill. Yes, Virginia, this is what grown-ups swear about. (And yes, we DO get excited about receiving major appliances at Christmas. You have so much to look forward to in adulthood!)

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Prime Minister Harper is planning to "pimp his ride" -- yet another story broken by HuffPost's Althia Raj (she was also the one to receive the confirmation from Martin that yes, he'd written that Twitter, and no it wasn't a teenager who'd hacked into his account). Readers can debate amongst themselves as to whether painting the Preem's jet in the national colours of red and white -- like his previous jet -- amounts to pimping. The current jet is battleship gray. I mean, let's admit it: the guy is no Beyonce. If "pimping" amounted to what the expecting rock star did to her minivan, the taxpayers might have a case. I'll save my outrage for when Harper installs special seats for the family cats.

The biggest news of this past week, of course, was mayors (and possibly their voters) getting fed up with the Occupy protesters. Eviction notices have been handed out across the country -- and in a nicer manner than was done by NYC mayor Bloomberg, as befits our national reputation for politeness. Ugliness was expected -- but it hasn't (yet) happened. Let's all hope that the worst will be the Occupiers fail to clean up after themselves or to write thank you notes to the cities they leave, for the pleasure of being house guests of the public domain.