09/27/2011 09:33 EDT | Updated 11/27/2011 05:12 EST

The 'What's Happening to My Body?' Book for Boys, Lynda Madaras and Area Madaras

In honour of Banned Books Week: the Huffington Post Canada and Indigo have teamed up to bring our readers' attention to books that have been banned or challenged, both in North America and around the world. Whatever your opinion, remember that in Canada you are free to read a book, judge it on its merits, and discuss it openly.

The bestselling guide was banned this year from 21 school libraries in Buda,Tex. after a parent's complaint. The book includes definitions of rape, incest, sexual assault, and intercourse. And oh, it also covers less racy stuff, such as voice changes and "romantic feelings."

From The bestselling guides for preteens and teens updated with a brand-new look.

The Madaras growing-up guides are acknowledged by parents, educators, librarians, and doctors for their unique, nonthreatening style, excellent organization, and thorough coverage of both the physical and emotional issues surrounding puberty and adolescence. And kids love them too! As one fan wrote, "Dear Lynda, I can''t believe that you, a mom, knew all this stuff!"

"What''s Happening to My Body?" for Boys features detailed coverage, in age-appropriate language, of the body''s changing size and shape, the growth spurt, the reproductive organs, voice changes, romantic and sexual feelings, puberty in the opposite sex, and much more. Includes a comprehensive resource section and line drawings. For ages 10 and up.