11/15/2013 12:24 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Rob Ford Memes: Sometimes All We Can Do Is Laugh

Our band spends a lot of time on the road, far away from home. Travelling in over 30 countries for over a dozen years, we've often found ourselves as default representatives for our hometown -- Toronto, Canada. Up until October 31, 2013, response upon hearing we were from Toronto was always met with comments about the Maple Leafs and if we knew Geddy Lee personally followed by a series of compliments and how much people revered and loved our city.

Ongoing revelations about Toronto "mayor," Rob Ford, over the last two weeks, have included smoking crack, cavorting with prostitutes, using racist epithets and uttering the word "pussy" during journalist questioning. It has turned our once beloved city into the butt of a joke. It doesn't help when everyone from Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart, Chelsea Handler and Stephen Colbert are each taking well-executed stabs at him on late night television either. However, the punchline to every joke after all these proven allegations is he's still the mayor of our city.

Out here on the road, we're getting laughed at for being Torontonians. Thanks, Rob Ford.

There's nothing else to do but dive in with these jesters and join them so with all the downtime that is afforded to us during the day while on tour I've managed to assemble a few homemade memes at Rob Ford's expense.

It's all I can do while we view pics from the Save Toronto rally at Nathan Philips Square wishing I was there from our dressing room.

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Rob Ford Memes