10/30/2013 04:40 EDT | Updated 12/30/2013 05:12 EST

Patrick Krief's "Perfect Bodies" Video Premieres Just in Time for Halloween

Murray Lightburn's Mass:Light has been getting its fair share of ink over the last while, but he's not the only member of the Dears with a solo project on offer. Dears guitarist Patrick Krief's Hundred Thousand Pieces dropped early last year to generally positive reviews, but only now, a year and a half later, has it spawned a music video. The result, however, may be worth it.

As if timed for a Halloween release, Paul Leli and Rob Sprignoli took Krief's song "Perfect Bodies" and stripped away the body -- literally. The stop-motion video features a skeleton digging itself out of a grave and, well, doing things. An interpretation of what those things mean is up to you, but Krief has his ideas too.

Why did it take so long to put a video out?

We finally got some love from FACTOR to make Paul's ideas come to life.

Why did you want to do a stop-motion video instead of a more traditional one?

Paul had the vision for it and sent me a treatment. I loved the idea of it. I've always been a fan of that style too, the The Nightmare before Christmas style. The Danny Elfman/Tim Burton combo always made so much sense to me, and I felt I have this type of connection with Paul.

I think I get what's happening in this video, but I might be wrong. What is your interpretation of what's happening in this video?

I'd like Paul to answer that question, but [he's not available]. I don't want to compromise his theme, but I think it's an emotional journey exploring love, betrayal and redemption between the battle of angels and demons. Basically, that skeleton represents me. I told Paul of my issues in life, and trying to escape them.

How does that interplay with what the song "Perfect Bodies" is about?

The song is about trying to save someone from their own mind, and how I felt I can love someone, i.e. myself, beyond the surface of their issues. I think the song has a more optimistic outcome, whereas the vid is closer to reality.

Should fans expect more videos of this type?

Not of this type, but more videos for sure. We're working on another video right now for "Simple Lives." Also, to accompany this "Perfect Bodies" video, there will be an app.