11/09/2015 02:01 EST | Updated 11/09/2016 05:12 EST

Make Money Your New Best Friend

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Two Female Friends Lying Upside Down On Sofa

Don't just have an "okay" relationship with your money, have an AH-MAZING relationship with it -- just like you have with your spouse or best friend.

Being a money maven means you treat your money like any other important relationship in your life. Treating your money like your best friend can provide you freedom, security, leadership, joy and achievement just like a friendship. That's why you should make money your new BFF!

First, look at your relationship with money. Review all your statements and accounts -- investments, assets loans, mortgage -- and see exactly where you are financially. Then, look for reasons you are where you are. What could you be doing better? What opportunities are there for you to be the BEST with your money?

Now, sit down with the person you have the best relationship with and discover why it works. Is it that you trust that person fully and completely? Is it that you love them? Do you have a lot of respect for them or tons of fun with them? Understanding what makes your relationship work can be applied to relationships that don't work -- like the one you may have with money.

Let your special buddy tell you all of the opportunities with your relationship. What could be better? What drives him or her nuts and they'd like you to change? Ask them how they could improve your relationship to fit their IDEAL.

Looking at the list of opportunities with your bestie compare them to the list of opportunities you have with your money. Do you see a connection? I bet there are many! If your friend asks that you are more respectful to the friendship by coming to dinner or movies on time, do you see where you might be disrespectful to your money by being late on payments and loans, or by not contributing to your retirement account on time, etc.? Where there is smoke there is an empty TFSA!

If your friend mentions that you could be more thoughtful sometimes, see if it relates back to your money. Are you not thoughtful to your money when you use other bank machines and get charged extra fees? Are you not thoughtful when you don't know what your credit rating is and you don't act to get it to the highest level you can?

Now that you see the opportunities in your money and personal relationships we are going to apply everything that is right with your personal relationship to your money. In your personal relationship if the things that are going well are that you have lots of fun, there is a lot of love and that you trust your BFF, then that is what we are going to apply to your money relationship!

Think of a way to make your relationship with money fun? Can you reward yourself with a yummy latte or fancy smoothie every time you go a week and don't charge an overdraft or ATM fees!

Make a list of everything that you want in life and how much they all cost. See how much you need to save to start getting them. I bet your ultimate life is closer than you think.

Since we discovered that you love your friend or partner and now you love your money -- maximize your tax deductions and then use that return to go on a trip with someone you love. You'll very quickly see how respecting, having fun and loving your money (like your BFF) will allow you to have an amazing life. You can learn a ton from your successful relationships that you can then apply to your less than successful ones.


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