08/04/2016 11:07 EDT | Updated 08/04/2016 11:59 EDT

Élection GO: The Mobile Game That Will Help You Ignore This Election

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An Élection GO player attempts to capture Trumpachu, an orange-faced, troll-haired performer fond of race baiting and wall building.

From the makers of Pokémon GO comes a brand new augmented political reality game called Élection GO.

Élection GO allows you to travel between the real world and the virtual world of American politics to create your own new world of Élection characters. No longer do you have to stay glued to your TV set at home to follow the current presidential campaign. Now you can head outside and find Élection characters almost anywhere you go.

These characters will likely be familiar to you from your past exposure to old video games like Élection 2008 and Élection 2012. For example, there's Hillaryclint, an aging politico who has transformed herself from First Lady to Senator to Secretary of State. Her former foe now comrade in arms is Bernieleft, a senator turned socialist looking to salvage a dying campaign.

Then there's Trumpachu, an orange-faced, troll-haired performer fond of race baiting and wall building. His former enemy now ally is Christypuff, a governor turned sycophant looking to join Trumpachu's cabinet.

The design of the game encourages you to travel about looking for Élection stops where you can spot and capture the various players. Once you trap a particular character, you will earn a "vote" which can be used either to choose or avoid that character.

For example, if you happen upon a Trump hotel, you will likely spot Trumpachu praising the location, his success and the many wonderful things he is going to do for America. If you find yourself becoming captivated by his siren songs, you may seize Trumpachu and cast a "God no, vote" to make him go away.

If you have found Trumpachu then you know that Christypuff is nearby, possibly secured to Trumpachu's right cheek. Fear not. Although once a fearsome character in his own right, Christypuff has been transformed into a "lapdog" and is now completely harmless.

Similarly, if you end up in a liberal rally, watch out for Hillaryclint who will be closely tethered to a teleprompter and a number of rote speaking points. If she starts talking about e-mails and servers, capture her and earn a no "vote" that can allow you to exit the rally immediately.

On your way out, be careful you are not assailed by Billygoat, spouse of Hillaryclint, who will try to charm you to return to the rally and cast your last "vote" for her. It's too dangerous to capture Billygoat so simply anger him by using the magic words "Monica," "Paula" and "Gennifer" and he'll retreat.

A star addition to your Élection codex would be the Bernieleft character but don't count on finding him easily. Once he was everywhere but now he's seldom seen, particularly at Hillaryclint rallies.

The ultimate aim of Élection GO is to acquire a no "vote" for each of the candidate-characters. If and when you do, you'll then have earned the "cloak of abstention" which allows you to ignore every candidate and avoid voting for any of these jokers, at least for the next four years.

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