11/02/2015 11:59 EST | Updated 11/02/2016 05:12 EDT

Please Donate To The Help The Billionaires Fund

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Businessman rejoicing for his success with hundred dollar bills. Money rain concept.

This is the face of Donald Sterling who lost his NBA basketball team. And those are the brothers Koch, Charles and David, who spend most of their money trying to help others with no thought of benefit for themselves. These three men belong to one of America's fastest growing disadvantaged groups: billionaires.

Fifty years ago, there were only dozens of these unfortunate souls. But now there are hundreds and because their numbers continue to grow, they desperately need our help.

You may seldom see them but they live among us. Just not in your immediate neighbourhood. Sadly, they are often forced to live in remote compounds walled off from you and me. Theirs is a sad lonely existence living behind electrified gates and fences.

Due to the curse of inherited or accumulated wealth, these poor souls don't have access to the things some of us take for granted like unemployment insurance, social assistance, food stamps and Medicaid. Every day they have to be 100 per cent self-reliant. Except for the occasional seven-figure tax subsidy or multi-million dollar government grant, they are forced to provide for themselves.

Unlike us, billionaires must deal with the never-ending problem of rapidly increasing riches. Little Donnie Sterling and the two Koch brothers are typical victims of today's economy. While you enjoy the certainty of living paycheque to paycheque, they must try to cope with the heartache and tragedy of unanticipated revenues and continuous capital accumulations.

In your lifetime, you'll likely never have to suffer the stress of being in the highest tax bracket or repeatedly facing million-dollar capital gains. But Donnie, Charles, David and more than a thousand others like them face these challenges every day.

Yes, there have been advances in recent decades to help America's disadvantaged. We've managed to lower their top marginal tax rates from 80 per cent to an effective rate of 25 per cent or lower. We've reduced the tax on their capital gains, provided new tax loopholes and created new offshore tax havens. But we can do more.

Please call the number on your screen right now and give to the Help the Billionaires Fund. For as little as one dollar a day, you can help sponsor one of America's unfortunate billionaires.

Your donation can assist in any number of small ways. It may go to buy something as simple as a new gold-plated door knocker for one of your sponsored billionaire's multiple residences. Or it might pay for stocking the mini-fridge in one of his planes or automobiles.

If you can afford five dollars a day, your annual donation can help feed a hungry billionaire and make sure that he is never without the necessities of a wealthy life such as Champagne, truffles and caviar.

For $25 a day, you can help clothe one of America's most needy. For the price of five daily lattes, you'll help to ensure that your sponsored billionaire will always have a ready supply of silk shirts and ties and never again suffer the humiliation of having to buy suits off the rack.

Your gift will also help achieve the legal victories that will eventually allow these folks to enjoy all the rights and privileges they deserve. Already the U. S. Supreme Court has taken steps to guarantee that America's billionaires do not suffer unduly from severe campaign financing limitations. But there is more work to be done and your generous gift can help to one day lift any and all restrictions on billionaires' campaign donations so they can exercise their full democratic rights.

So donate today and help support America's wealthy. Despite our best efforts, their numbers continue to grow thereby threatening the adequate supply of everything from Mercedes-Benzes, to Lear Jets, to NBA franchises.

Remember, by providing these folks with more, you're really just helping yourself when the money eventually trickles back down to you. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.


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