03/16/2015 11:33 EDT | Updated 05/16/2015 05:59 EDT

March 16-22 Is Canada Water Week - Let's Celebrate!

small layer of morning mist...
small layer of morning mist...

Someone recently asked me if I knew what watershed I lived in. I live in the Humber River watershed. My wish for Canada Water Week is that every Canadian across the country knows which watershed they live in.

Every Canadian is connected to a river through its watershed -- no matter where you live in Canada. Knowing your local waters is a good first step to caring about the health of the local lakes, rivers and streams that you're connected to.

"Know your H2O" is also the national Canada Water Week theme this year -- as Canadians across the country celebrate with river film festivals, watershed friendly yard campaigns, water-themed concerts, eco art exhibits and even yoga by the river. Check out the event listings to find out what local water events are taking place near you.

At WWF, we'll be celebrating the unsung heroes working tirelessly across Canada to support the health of Canada's water. Join us this week to hear the stories of our Loblaw Water Fund grantees and others. They're working to save turtles in the Thames River, restore habitat for ancient sturgeon, protect "Hope Spots" for tree frogs, and more.

So dive in! Follow us on Facebook to test your water knowledge, download a Canada Water Week toolkit for your workplace, and read and share our water hero stories.

My hope is that you will find out what watershed you live in too, then join us in the celebration!


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