11/27/2013 12:24 EST | Updated 01/27/2014 05:59 EST

Five Ways to Battle Holiday Season Weight Gain

Old man winter is on his way, try as we might we can not stop him. Along with the wind chill factors, snow drifts and black ice, comes the hibernation poundage we tend to put on over the winter months. The cold winter months combines with a lengthy holiday season is a ghastly combination for anyones waist line. We basically become shut ins due to the cold and general all around grossness of winter weather. Then a holiday party forces us out and we become like crazed animals who have not seen food or booze in years. This is a deadly combination that is sure to end in a hazing of any and all holiday buffets.

Every year around this time I would start forging a giant ruse, on myself. My inner voice would convince my brain (and mouth) into believing that the holiday pounds didn't matter. "Dee , eat and drink what you want." it would say. "Your'e joining the gym in the New Year. YOLO baby." I can justify just about anything if it means indulging in good food and wine. However when the gym membership never materializes, it's a lot harder to justify the larger pant size. To think I would do this year after year. Fool me once, and then again and again.

NOT this year.

This year I have a goal, a strategy, nay, a plan of attack. Short of slapping duct tape on my inner voice, I knew I needed to come up with some ways to help me avoid the 'hibernation attire' this winter. I am not going to let me, trick me, again.

Here are my 5 Faboosh tips for keeping Old Man Winter from dropping off those extra pounds at your door this holiday season.


I can so do this one! Studies have shown that missing sleep, even the smallest amount like an hour or two. Can make you crave junk food. There is a fancy science word for it but basically your self- control is tired. So you give into cravings more easily. I also use this excuse when my husband asks me about my shoe purchase. "I was tired honey I had no self control."


Again I am good at this! There have been many studies that show when we feel deprived it can lead to over eating. This tip has to be done in MODERATION of course. If you enjoy chocolate as I do, treat yourself to a really well made fancy chocolate. After all if you are going to put it in your mouth, make it worth it. When you get the craving indulge in a square or two, just so the craving passes. Enjoy the moment.


Honestly could I make this any easier for you. The most dangerous thing at a holiday party is two free hands. Stay with me here. Idle hands do the devils work. If your hands are empty then they can grab food. When going to a party never use a shoulder bag, always carry a clutch. Clutch in one hand, wine in the other, no hand for food. GENIUS! I always prefer to drink my dinner anyways.


Honestly it's not a joke. Before you head out to any holiday party make sure you eat. Have a nice big, healthy meal ahead of time so you are not grazing the entire night. As small as those pigs in a blanket are, they pack in a whole lot of fat and calories. Maybe see if a banana will fit into your clutch.


Again, got it covered. The reason we go to parties is to mingle and see people we know and hopefully like. Keep this in mind when you are out and be sure to work the room. Avoid chatting near the food table or near the kitchen. Just keep moving around the room and chat with friends, laugh and enjoy yourself. Keeping your focus on meeting and talking with people will keep it off the sticky pudding.

Always remember everything in moderation is key. Except for shoes of course. Happy Holidays.


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