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30 Things I Thought I Would Have By 30

Looking back, thirty was somewhat of a milestone birthday, but instead of thinking of all the things I have done with my life, I zeroed in on the sh*t I didn't own, do, feel, get better at, by thirty. 

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I'm a few years older than thirty. Looking back, thirty was somewhat of a milestone birthday, but instead of thinking of all the things I have done with my life, I zeroed in on the sh*t I didn't own, do, feel, get better at, by thirty. 

Here's the rundown:

1. Ring on my finger

Not necessarily from the man I may marry one day, just a ring that symbolizes a milestone move, something that means something personal to me.

2. Townhouse or loft that I own

I (like many) was brought up to think one of the major purchases in life is owning property. Then 30 rolled around and I was still a city renter. Looking back, being stuck with a mortgage didn't make sense for my lifestyle, as I was travelling every chance I got. 

[Side note: There's a shift in the way millennials spend their money. We're moving into an "access" over "ownership" era, where remote working sounds pretty sexy and attainable, and being tied to one place does not.] 

3. Proper stoneware dinner set

I love to cook and entertain, this is nothing new, so when I moved into my own place, it made sense to invest in serving my "labour of love" dishes on some attractive stoneware by Mikasa or Sango. Instead, I settled for a dish set from the corningware outlet in Buffalo. Once some of those broke, they were replaced with everyone's favourite  --  Ikea dishes.

4. A Blendtec

Truthfully, my first obsession was the KitchenAid Stand Mixer, being a long term lover of baking, this gadget was everything I dreamed of. Then along came the almighty Blendtec, with its Will It Blend campaign, where Dickson was blending iPhones, iPads, iPods and food, I was sold. When my parents purchased one and used it on a regular basis to make smoothies, chutneys and lassis, I had to have one at my place. I just never got around to investing in a Blendtec till now, a few years past 30.

5. One proper custom pant suit

I'm allergic to skirts and dresses, I'm also bite size so off that rack never fits right. I've worked in places that occasionally require me to be a "suit" for the day, so it made sense to have one classic custom suit that never goes out of style. Yet somehow, I got away with rocking Zara blazers and slim fit polyester pants... sometimes even black jeans. 

6. Wall of books

I simply don't have enough printed books to cover a wall. 

7. A published book

I had a love hate relationship with writing. The stories are in my head, but to sit down and actually write has always been a struggle. I'm working on it now. 

8. A solid grasp on the following idea: Every time I was rejected, I was being re-directed to something better

Grasping this idea comes with age. A wise man once said to me "what's for you won't pass you by." I believe it.

9. More orgasms

You can never have too many. Can you? 

10. Masters in Mandarin

I lived in Shanghai during my malleable years, where I picked up and spoke Mandarin quite well. Now I have a working fluency in Mandarin that I never want to lose, yet I am. Time, discipline and focus kept me from getting certified. 

11. Custom pair of shoes for my tiny feet (size 5)

The struggle is real. It's hard to find nice shoes for my petite feet, but I'm not sure if a custom pair is really worth a custom price?

12. The skills to make a round roti

I can make various country shapes with no problem at all, I just haven't got around to making the perfect circle -- which my Indian mother thinks is my major flaw.

13. No more sideboob underarm flab

Does it ever go away? 

14. A married sibling

He's older, I just thought it would happen.  

15. Better understanding of wine

I've been drinking wine for a decade or so, naturally it would makes sense to learn about it, instead I just know what I like. 

16. The backbone to not sell myself short or settle for less than I'm truly capable of

I'm still working on this one.

17. Eaten at a 2 or 3 Michelin star restaurant

The reason for this is because Michelin doesn't rate restaurants in Canada. It's a European and Asian thing. 

18. The mindset to stop setting up roadblocks in my head that deter me from turning my passion project into something real

We tend to doubt ourselves before we think we can do it, with experience this mindset changes. Nothing will work unless you do -- Maya Angelou

19. The discipline to create new habits

They say it takes 31 days to create a new habit, (Google says 21), I wish I knew and acted on this idea by 30, then I would have created the following habits earlier: drink 2L of water everyday, eat better, workout regularly and write more. 

20. Perfected the world's best chocolate chip cookie recipe

Mom always said "never go anywhere empty handed," so in the past, and now, I usually bring over classic homemade chocolate chip cookies, yet the same recipe never tastes consistent. However, my banana bread recipe is the world's best, time and time again. My friends will gladly vouch for this bold statement. 

21. A long term lover

You'd think going through waves of being a "serial dater" would result in having a long term lover. It didn't. 

22. Learned to make molten lava cake, since I love paying for it so much

I've eaten this decadent flourless dessert many times at restaurants, but never attempted to make it from scratch. Sometimes things just taste better when we pay for them, right?

23. More use out of my knee-high Adidas lace ups that I bought immediately after watching those 2004 Missy Elliott videos

I've worn them less than five times. Two of those times I slept in them with my feet dangling off the edge of the bed because they take forever to take off. They lace up from the front and the back! They do look pretty fly on though. 

24. Used my cookbooks more for cooking and less as coffee table books

I have tons of hardcover cookbooks, yet when it comes to cooking I turn to the food network online, or just end up cooking without a recipe. 

25. A solid understanding that everyone moves at a different pace and that I should move at one that makes sense for me

Comparing ourselves to others gets us nowhere. I often forget there's only one me. 

26. More tattoos

I've always wanted to get tattoos every five years, this way I would have 1,825 days to think about the next one. I got my first one at 20, second at 25 and completely missed the 30th one, so I guess I'm done.

27. Dramatic haircut

I'm pretty bold, so the idea of shaving one side of my head or going for an edgy, angled bob was never too crazy. However, it's the growing out process that scares me. I guess I'm not that bold after all. 

28. An arc floor lamp

Arc floor lamps are all over glossy home and decor magazines. They're a great statement piece that adds personality to any room, yet I've never lived in a glossy apartment, so I never bought one. 

29. Attended a live taping of the Jimmy Fallon Show

Love Jimmy, love New York, yet it's impossible to get tickets to the show. I hope you're reading this Jimmy! 

30. A stone head tissue dispenser

This statue is so dramatic that it makes me chuckle every time I see it in a novelty store. Yet, I was never sure if it would work in my space or just look like one of these things just doesn't belong. Shout outs to Sesame Street for the italicized line!

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