09/10/2012 12:09 EDT | Updated 11/10/2012 05:12 EST

Should I Let a Man Be My Domestic Slave?

So I received a proposition this week from a man I met online. I'm still trying to decide if it's indecent. Is it different? Yes. Freaky? Borderline. Am I considering it? Hmmmm...kind of.

It was an hour into our first meeting that he revealed it to me. By that point, I was already pretty intrigued by him: he seemed smart, well-spoken, and had a great sense of humour. And OK, I'll admit I was deeply aware of his killer smile, giant shoulders, and athletic six foot four frame. Firefighter pin-up, anyone?

Here's the catch. This large, manly, uber sexy hunk has an unusual desire: He wants to be my domestic. That's right. Domestic. As in as in down on his hands and knees, cleaning my toilets and floors and whatever else I want him to do.

Oh, and he wants to do it for free, whenever I want, wearing whatever I want him to wear. And while he scrubs away, I can do whatever I please whether that means taking a nap, talking on the phone, or putting my feet up and watching him clean.

Now I've heard of men who enjoy being submissive to women. (I said heard of, not gone out with.) And having been a submissive myself to a Dominant after my divorce, I understand that submissiveness can involve a variety of tasks and roles (chores weren't part of mine!).

Still, his offer totally caught me off guard. He looked like he should be off fighting fires or operating a bull dozer, not delicately polishing my shoes...

His giant shoulders leaned into the table and he said, almost pleadingly. "I need you to be certain that you won't feel guilty in such an arrangement. I think most women would. I don't want you feel indebted to me. You have to believe that me cleaning your toilets is my role."

"Hmmm..." I responded slowly, nodding my head. "I see."

"That's really important to me," he said more emphatically, yet respectfully. "You can not feel guilty for making me clean your house. Even if I don't enjoy it, you're the boss. If I don't do it good enough, you're entitled to make me redo it until it's up to your standards. The terms are 100 per cent yours to decide."

"I see," I said again. Long pause. Then: "Well...if being a domestic is what you need to do to feel good then who am I to judge? The truth is that I could really use the extra help around the house while the kids are in school." (laugh)

He smiled and bowed his chin. "I will please you however you want, Ma'am."

I caught the innuendo and couldn't help but grin. "ANY way I want?"

"You're the boss, Ma'am."

So what do you think? Do you think I'm crazy to even consider this proposition? Or would I be crazy NOT to accept? Would you feel too guilty to even entertain the idea?